New #BloggedBook starting April 7th: #Beautiful… #Romance #Erotic #Noir… #SneakReaders

I’m excited about this one.

Coming off of a polyandrous mindset, I thought of the initial scenario in Beautiful almost 27 years ago and wanted to use the scene in a book since then.

I know that sounds crazy, but it was so much fun to explore … in my imagination, the scene playing out something I had fantasize.

So coming April 7th, Beautiful will start so invite everyone.

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beautifulREVShe wanted more than anything to be beautiful and this stranger was the answer to her prayers.

She would do anything for him to be the beautiful and that’s what she did.

What she discovers through him is that she was beautiful all along, but before she makes the discovery she has to go through hell and back.

Will she survive or lose herself and everything she has worked for.

Come on the journey to see BEAUTIFUL


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