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Author’s Note:

The next two chapters were really involved because they needed research. I had to remember how everyone looked, get into their heads and then flush out Lethal’s house. 

I still had to keep Jordan on the romance track even though these parts are heavily plotted with stuff to come. 

On top of that, I had Brian McKnight concert with #MadeMyNight and a writers talk up in Canada.

My life is starting to become busy but I’m always thinking of the story. 


Leading her out of the drawing room, Jordan entered the largest family room she had ever seen, complete with a thirty foot tree growing out the top of the ceiling. The home itself was three levels and circled around this room.

“What the hell is that?” she asked in astonishment. “Is that real?”

Sheriff followed her eyes to the tree. “Yes. When Lethal bought the warehouse, the tree was already halfway to the ceiling and Lethal ordered the architect to work around the tree and even prepare for the growth.”

She couldn’t believe the tree growing in the middle of the room with a waterfall running down the side of the trunk. The water pooled at the bottom and then flowed to the hallway under a glass runner in the foyer where the fish swam.

There was an entire ecosystem right under her feet and she couldn’t believe how natural everything looked. From the furniture to the paint, she walked into a whole different world right inside the City of Detroit under this roof. Passing by on the street, one would have never known what was inside this fortress, but with her inside now, she was floored by the design.

This made her almost a little curious as to the man who owned this, Onyx’s brother, Lethal Heart.

Right by the tree was a spiral stair case descending to the floors above. That was where Sheriff was headed to. They walked past a lot of closed doors and an open kitchen to get to the stairs. On the second floor, she was led to a door near the top of the stairs. She figured this floor had seven bedrooms in all from all the doors she counted.

Sheriff opened the door in front of him and prompted her to enter, but he didn’t follow her in. “I suggest you take off your clothing as soon as possible. Lethal is serious about the DNA being left and leave your clothes on the chair by the door. A dinner tray will be delivered in an hour right outside your door and you shouldn’t be disturbed for the right of the night. I would like you to seriously consider your involvement with the Legions and seriously think about what it’s going to do to your life.”

“How do you know none of them will demand to come see me?” she questioned.

“Because the Legions wouldn’t step foot anywhere near Lethal, especially if they are involved with King Heart,” Sheriff answered. “There’s items for you to wear in the closet next to the bed and sundries in the bathroom for you.”

“Were you expecting me? How do you know they are my size?”

“Lethal is prepared for anything.” He closed the door leaving her alone.

With the door closed, lamps in the room seemed to grow brighter giving her a decent amount of light for her to see. She started to walk around the room but remembered the warning about the DNA.

This Lethal guy was odd, but she didn’t want to know what kind of wrath would become her if she didn’t obey.

So she removed her clothes and went to the closet by the bed where there was a gown hung on the inside of the door that fit her.

She put it on and then looked around the room. The queen size bed with the large red comforter stood out from the oak furniture that seemed hand carved and suited for the wood panels around the room. On the other side of the bed was a locked door and she pressed her ear against it but heard nothing. Going into the bathroom, there was another door that seemed to lead somewhere, but that too was locked.

Getting her phone, she saw there was no signal on and wondered was it the house or her cell phone service. She went over to the bed, where there was a house phone and wondered was anyone going to listen to her phone calls.

She called both her children’s voicemail and then checked hers. Her children had left messages that they were okay and were having a great time.

Getting over to the bathroom, Sheriff had been right, there were sundries for her; Never opened lotion, deodorant, brand new washcloth and towel, face cleaners, and even a makeup case – in her color. What the hell?!

She was dying to ask questions, but the pain in her head was returning and she really wanted to go to sleep. The day had been long and she needed rest.

Jumping in the shower, she tried not to think of all the things she had been told about the Legions. Would Theo and Thal do anything to get that money and protect their cousins? Of course! Deep down she knew they were all about survival.

Had Doc known?

Just as she was coming out of the shower, there was a knock on the door.

Jordan opened it and Onyx was standing there with a tray in hand with hot food. Not realizing how hungry she was, Jordan disregarded her disdain for the woman and took the tray, but Onyx put her foot in the door to prevent Jordan from closing it.

“You really didn’t think I don’t know all your secrets, Jordan Smythe, do you?”

Frowning innocently, Jordan asked, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean, marrying right from high school to a guy you know you really didn’t deep down inside love. That’s what your best friend from high school said.”

Jordan hadn’t talked to her best friend from high school since high school. That was about the only person Jordan had ever confided in, but had not confided in all the information.

Onyx had dug down deeper than Jordan expected and she became somewhat defensive.

Coming into the room, Onyx stayed by the door, but still had omnipresence in the room.

“It’s late,” Jordan said with an overly dramatic, checking her phone to see there was still no service.

“My brother knocks out regular cell phone service in the house,” Onyx explained. “And I don’t sleep, plus I was the only one who wanted to bring you your dinner tray.”

“So you’ve come really to bother me,” Jordan surmised.

Onyx said, starting to pace slowly in front of the bed, “Your goodie too shoes background really bothered me.”

“Goodie too shoes? I’ve never proclaimed to be perfect, Onyx. I know I’m not.”

“But you’re not very forth coming with information,”

“Onyx, you obviously know everything you need to know about me.” She really tried not to give Onyx eye contact but eating some of the food. “You’ve seen my history.”

Onyx stopped pacing. “But I forgot something, didn’t I?”

“You never forget anything, do you Onyx?” Jordan questioned purposely filling her mouth with food so she didn’t have to speak anyone.

Onyx narrowed her black eyes at Jordan. “Why did Abraham have two DNA tests done?”

Jordan stiffened “I don’t know,” she muffled through a full mouth.

“That’s the only thing that confounded me. According to your best friend, Abraham had one before that marriage and then right after you were married.” She turned slightly away thinking hard.

“It’s late, Onyx. Go to bed. I’m tired.” Jordan started for the bed determined to get rid of Onyx.

Onyx turned around and smiled wickedly. “Your father had just died, right after the second DNA test.”

Coldly, Jordan corrected, “He was stepfather. And it was natural natural causes and I was glad about it.”

“You really convinced Abraham to marry you? You didn’t love him in the beginning, did you?”

“In a way, I did,” Jordan shrugged. “He was kind.”

“So are stray dogs,” Onyx snorted. “But did you love him like you loved your Legions?”

Jordan could hear the mockery in Onyx’s voice. “It was different.”

Onyx corrected her. “It was necessary. Be honest with yourself, Jaye.”

Jordan flinched at the nickname Onyx used because she felt it was only an endearment for only Theo, Thal and Doc.

“I’ll admit I was desperate to get away from the house. I’ve wanted to get away since my mother died. Getting pregnant by Abraham was the perfect excuse and he was descent enough at the time to be strongly liked. Sometimes a woman has to make sacrifices.”

Onyx sucked on her teeth in distaste. “And you’re all about sacrifices, aren’t you, Jordan? You’ve been making them for your children all their lives, haven’t you?” Onyx didn’t wait for Jordan to answer. “Your mother killed herself, didn’t she?”

“She suffered depression all my life,” Jordan answered.

“Since your old man got capped,” Onyx clarified.

Jordan frowned confused.

“Oh,” Onyx said as if she let the cat out of the bag. “Didn’t know about that, huh?”

“Life happens,” Jordan said, trying not to let what Onyx said affect her.

“Getting a bullet between the eyes isn’t about life happening. It’s about getting fucked up because your til is short, especially when that bullet comes from a Legion.”

Jordan looked directly at Onyx to see if the woman was kidding around. “You’re lying to get me to stop seeing them.”

“Why would I lie when the truth hurts more?” Onyx asked. “To make you feel better, it wasn’t your lover’s father. Just their uncle, but he was famous for using bronzed bullets.” She pulled out a copy of police report and put it on the end of the bed. “Your father had to make the short til with his life, while your mother worked on her back so you wouldn’t get a bullet too after you were born. Nice, huh?” Your step father was one of her johns; Paid off her debt to belong to him. And when she ran dry, what did he do?”

Jordan stiffened again not hungry anymore. “Good night, Onyx.”

“Come on Jordan. Tell the truth. Step daddy forced Abraham to marry you so fast those eggs weren’t even fully fertilize.”

Getting in bed and pulling the blanket over her head. Jordan was making an concerted effort to ignore Onyx.

Hearing the bedroom door closed, Jordan relaxed glad to have Onyx gone and hoping she never had to speak to that horrible nosey woman again.

Why couldn’t Onyx stop digging?

It took a while for Jordan to fall back to sleep, but when she finally dozed off, the sleep was very restless.

There was so much on her mind, yet she knew what her heart wanted. Despite learning everything from the Hearts, Jordan was very sure of her feelings toward Theo, Thal and Doc.

Her feelings were clear as day.

She loved them.

Mind, body and soul and right now she really missed them.

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  1. Aah finally another chapter. Lol… Lethals house sounds like a virtual house. It can do everything for you. A tree though. Lolol. only him a Onyx would have such crazy houses…. So I would like to smack Jordan one good time, thn send her on her way. Lol.. I know she will go back to the brothers but she is annoying me with her blindness to real life I guess. Lol

    1. well, i needed jordan to have a reality check on what was really going on. theo thal or doc aren’t saints and she needed to be pushed a little out of her lust cloud to see if she makes this decision to be with them she could be making a decision on her life and the lives of her children

      1. I know.. I just feel like she is in denial. She doesn’t want to believe the truth they are telling her. That’s why I want to smack her 1 good time. Lol

      2. so question amariet83, if you were in her shoes, despite what you knew about them would you accept their marriage proposal? Or even stay with them? I’m very curious

      3. Well knowing me, with everything Onyx and Sherriff are telling me and trying to get me to understand, I would leave the brothers. I would be afraid of what im getting myself into and feel like it’s just to many negative variables and to complicated with choosing to stay.. the situation with King is enough to mak me back peddle some lol. the brothers aren’t being fully honest with her. Seems like they might plan to explain more but AFTER she agrees to marry them.

  2. Oh wow what great read so far. I just joined the membership and I couldn’t put the story down. Please complete the next chapters soon don’t leave me hanging.

      1. Oh I’m a hopeless romantic, I wouldn’t leave. She has been though a lot for love but what love isn’t worth fighting for. She deserves some happiness and everyone has a past and secrets

      2. Ugh … That’s so true. But their secrets are serious and on top of that its 3guys we are talking about lol. It’s just so much baggage to take on.. But I see ur view @EbonyStubbs def a lot to think about. It’s a good thing Ms Sylvia is doing the writing bc I would probably fail Jordan. Lol

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