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wpid-ravenous.jpgAlmost at 40thousand words, Ravenous is racking up to be a momumental task of good stuff. I’m excited about the prospect of what’s to come for Chon and Dorian and yes, although I’m taking it slow with them, I’ve found that building up a slow fire of passion makes for a great explosion later.

The comments are coming in (rather slowly) but they’re good and they help give me the inspiration I need to keep it going and keep the story good.

From my last author’s update, there were several books to catch up on side characters.

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The books prior to this post that are mentions that should be read are:

  • Dreams of Reality (Thaddeus and Skye Newman)
  • Stone’s Revenge (Abigail McPherson & William Stone)
  • ConSensual (Andi)

Now there is Onyx, Dorian’s ex-girlfriend mixed in here and there but she’s in so many books you’d really have to read all my books to really understand her dynamics. Point blank, be worried when you know Onyx is on the scene.

The next books are upcoming in the story that you should probably peruse if you haven’t read them yet.

Stealing Innocence… Yes, the infamous Jaelen Gates and his beautiful wife, Kimberly comes on the scene. But really, what’s Onyx without Jaelen. You knew he was coming and of course, he and Dorian are used to mincing words.

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(There’s an event on the second night of the anniversary weekend, which will have these characters also)

Love Like This Book Cover

  • Ethan & Nicole Black from Love Like This
  • You’re also going to meet the police detective, Salacious Heart. Yes, #SneakReaders are familiar with him. He’s in a couple of books and he’ll be in other ones but I don’t believe he’ll have his own story.

So you’re probably wondering what’s going to happen to Chon after her and Dorian hook up?

Yeah, I’m wondering too. And people have asked me about Walter Stoepel. What happened to him?

It’s coming up and if i’m missing out on any story points PLEASE let me know. I’d appreciate that.

Thanks so much for reading and if you haven’t started, please join us and if you’re waiting for more, then save the links and download Wattpad to read for later. Yet, don’t forget to send the link around and let others know. The more that reads and the more they want. You know how addictive I can get.

I might turn this one in just a paperback and leave the ebook at Wattpad. What do you think?

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