Author’s Notes for #WIP #Ravenous… Chapter 8 comments… #amwriting


Just getting ready to post Chapter 8 in the new work in progress Ravenous and there are some author’s notes to take into account.


You’ll meet Andi, who story starts wiith Boom! Boom! Boom! and continues with Consensual inside of an anthology with three other authors named Sticky Secrets.


And her story ends with what you’re reading now of her life, but trust me, it was so much fun to get to this point in her life.


Don’t forget, Thaddeus Newman’s book is Dreams of Reality. His story was my first published novel.


Abigail McPherson-Stone story is called Stone’s Revenge. Now when I say her husband William Stone was my first love, it is the absolute truth. I wrote their story when I was only 17 years of age. I met Wiliam in my thoughts and dreams of a man so dangerous, not even the world would love him. Sigh… Click here to purchase


Now I’ve been asked are there any of my books you would need to read in order to catch up like the SneakReaders?


Umm, aside from the ones that i’ve mentioned, I would say pretty much all of them that has Onyx Heart in them. I’ll leave that list up to the sneakreaders who know where she appears at to list those books.


There are plenty of them.


So let the games begin.


Dedicated and SneakReaders, how many books can you name with Onyx Heart in it?

You can always find books wherever books are sold. Here are some familiar outlets.

SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) |B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | Diesel eBooksDiesel eBook Store| iTunes Apple Bookstore

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sticky Secrets:

Dreams of Reality

Stone’s Revenge:

Continue to read Chapter 8 posting soon on any device and if you haven’t started yet, get started now and catch up with us…

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4 thoughts on “Author’s Notes for #WIP #Ravenous… Chapter 8 comments… #amwriting

  1. I also like to mention Derrick McGhee the giggolo is from A Little Bit of Sin. Yep, I’m fitting them all in there like magic…

    So anyone figured that one out?

  2. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    Well my question is are there any that she is not in or mentioned (at least) in. She is even in your online stories. Love me some Onyx and Lethal. Yes, I have every novel in your collection. A lifetime fan over here….

  3. You are going to make me go revisit all of my purchases just to have the answer…. lol. I have them all so that will take a while.

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