The End To Darkness… #darkfacade New cover frm @keithdyoung

Getting the cover for this last book has been my hardest struggle with the forth book.

With my initial cover designer going MIA, i had no one to turn to with funds going low. It started to really affect my writing mojo which i was barely holding on to after the catastrophe my family had suffered through earlier this year.

I hate asking for favors or handouts. I hate even using my influence to get something, but i was desperate and i knew a couple of cover designers but didn’t know of their creative vision I could just trust with this important baby.

That is until i was at the end of my rope and. Sanity that i turned it over to Keith D Young.

I had seen his animations and designs on other projects but I’d never him seen him do any work on genre like mine.

My original concept was just a man on the cover.

The MIA cover designer had experimented with it where his eyes would be turquoise but the rest was in black and white.

I loved the possible dangerous and unique cover but I needed this cover to connect to the first and when Keith came on the project he brought it to the surface. The cover he presented took my breath away.

For the first time in a long time I smiled. It felt good to have this. I was relieved.

And the book four cover for Dark Facade was done… Finally.

So coming soon….

20 thoughts on “The End To Darkness… #darkfacade New cover frm @keithdyoung

  1. I love the cover can’t wait for the book to come out. Best of luck to you.

    Loyal Fan
    Tanisha S

  2. Yes, I can’t wait until this comes out. I’, loving the cover also, you may need to use him on other designs. (Snoopy River Dances) lol.

  3. Mr. Young did a wonderful job on the cover. I love how the red stands out along with the shadows surrounding the faces. The look just draws me to the book itself. The guy has sexy eyes.

  4. Ooh yes!!! This i love. The other cover was also really good. But the new cover just pulls it all together. The suspense is killing me lol. Hope that means story soon. I saw u did a new book cover for Eve,s Deception in 2012 but still no story 🙁 . So I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. 🙂

  5. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    God always have a plan to bring something greater to you. He sent Mr. Young to help you pull your dreams together for the fourth book. I love the new cover, and it does pull the whole series together. You always do fantastic work, so I know I would read the novel cover or not. I am a faithful fan, and will wait for as long as it takes you to get it together. When trials set you back, sometimes you have to take a break and let go and let God have His way. He always have a better plan for us. Be bless, and stay prayed up, you are doing a fantastic job of making things work. Your fans will forever love you.

  6. Hi Sylvia, I absolutely LOVE this new cover, He did an amazing job with it. It kind of brings it full circle for me since a portion of it resembles the girl on the first book, but faced in a different direction. We can never fully understand the reason why things are allowed to happen to us, but ALL things (including bad) happen for a reason. I strongly believe what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. While we are going through it, it seems unbearable like we’ll never get out, but once that storm is over we’ve come out with a new experience & outlook on life. We are meant to travel down dark paths at times just to link up with someone that we may have never reached out to or connected with. This gentleman was definitely a blessing to you & will be a great asset as you move on to bigger & better things. It is NEVER comfortable when making a transition to greatness… You are on your way Sylvia, mark my words & KEEP MOVING FORWARD NO MATTER WHAT! Love ya girl!

  7. I’ve just got one question: PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE tell us when the book is coming out. I just love, love, LOVE the cover.

  8. I’m so happy that book 4 is really started to come together ….I miss and love your. Work

  9. I LOVE it, this is a cover that would call out to me and insist that I take a second look at the book. I can’t wait for this final installment for this series

  10. Sylvia

    Is this series going to be in paperback? I would to have this series on my bookshelf as well as my downloads.

    Tanisha S.
    A Loyal Fan

  11. I love love love the cover. I am so excited for the next book to come out. I’ve got my mom reading the first three and she’s also waiting on the fourth. You have gained a new fan. She has read three of your other books in two weeks and says that you are extremely talented and she doesn’t understand why more people have yet to recognize your talent. She says your amazing and she can’t wait to see where you go in life after someone finally picks up on your talents and really gets you out and published as you should be. All I could say was I told you she was amazing. Now she sees why I can’t get anything else done when I’m reading one of your books. She’s even reading them at work which I find too funny. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

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