Dark Facade (Book Three)… On Smashwords & Coming 2Yr Reading Device Soon!

If I had a penny to give to my readers for every second they’ve patiently waited for this third book, they’d be at least dollarnaires.


Or something like that.

Thank you guys.

But now the real waiting begins as you all just hold your breath for the third installment of Dark Facade to appear on your reading devices.

I’ve just uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords.

Of course Smashwords beat Amazon in the upload, but Amazon should be up by morning… hoping and praying.

For all the other devices, I’m sorry you’re going to have to give it time, but soon… very soon!

Dark Facade (Book Three)


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By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: March 08, 2013
Words: 23,833 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Evil Behind The Mask… In the third book, Maxine vows never to return to the secret society and never give in to a man’s lust, yet…

Extended description

Vowing never to return to the “Society” Maxine tries to return to normal life, but longs for the taste and touch of Philippe, despite the evil that was done to her. Though she tries to deny her needs, Maxine struggles daily to concentrate on the most important project that could escalate her career, all the while STILL trying to find out what happened to Lisa. She prays Philippe isn’t involved in her friend’s disappearance.

With nowhere else to go, Maxine realizes she has to return to the “chamber” one… last… time…

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33 thoughts on “Dark Facade (Book Three)… On Smashwords & Coming 2Yr Reading Device Soon!

  1. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    I’ve been up all night waiting for this. Of course I went to bed at about 3am, but now here I am at 5:40 am downloading my copy. I couldn’t wait any longer. You never disappoint. This is right on time for the weekend. Have to stop writing now, because I am ready to start reading. God bless, stay safe, and get some rest for the next story.

    Your loyal fan,

      1. Don’t worry, I’ll wait forever if I have to for one of your novels. You are just that good, waiting seems like nothing because we (the readers) know you will deliver. This is excellent reading so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Your loyal fan,

  2. Yay, what a wonderful treat to wake up to! I’m off to check out Amazon & download my copy, then I have calls to make to let all the inquiring minds know ITS HERE!!! Happy Reading! Have an Awesome Weekend, I Will!

  3. Sylvia Hubbard stand up and take a bow!!!!!
    The wait was well worth it. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not stop reading. Amazing is all I can say….

    The one question that’s keeps re-surfacing is what happen between Sherrif and Penduyln?

  4. The book was good. I downloaded it and read it in my bed at 4am. When is the fourth one coming out and will it be the last in the series?

    1. the fourth is the last. i was gounf to end three on a fifferent part but it wld have been over 25k and that wldnt have balanced out all the books

      1. Ok now I understand. The third book seemed like it was heading into the birth canal of concludind the story but then stopped….I may just be waaaaay toooo invested into your stories..LOL anyways wooosaw…..waiting in anticipation for book 4:-)

  5. OMG, I’m hooked. I brought this book today and could not put it down. You have me at the edge of my chair wanting to know what’s going to happen now. Love it!

  6. As always great read! Thanks for pumping that out so fast. Although a lot of my questions were answered I find myself with MORE! I don’t want to spoil it for others so I’ll hold some comments for a later date. What I would like to know is if missed a book with Sheriff & Penny’s break up? I caught a glimps of his heart break in Hope is Love & another story. (I read so many of your books back to back I don’t know if im coming or going, lol). I can’t wait for book four, but I will wait so take your time with making it happened. (Just not too much time ;-)). Lol. Im going crazy to find out how the weekend will go down. I have a clue but can’t wait to see if im right.

    1. Hi 1sdunn,

      The third saga to this story was excellent. The most part I am excited to read about is Onyx taking down Devon. She will be the treat he will be dying not to have. Now about Sheriff and Pen. I know the book Baby Doll goes on depth about their relationship, but I don’t remember reading about a break up at the end. I might have to go back and read the end. But, that book tells their story. Great work Ms. Syvia………….waiting on pins and needles for part 4 of the saga to continue.

      Your loyal fan,

  7. Hey Sylvia Book 3 of Dark Facade is a great read as all of your stories…However….If there is a grand surprise or twisted twist of events your readers have no clue about that needs to be explored in a whole other book in this series…I felt the story could have been well concluded in Book 3 of Dark Facade…Like so many of these tv shows that are being cut on abc and nbc for dragging the story line too long without any fresh perspective or insight…I fear there is only redundancy or such a short conclusion to Book 4 that it will not be worth its purchase….But like before mentioned…there may be something we as your readers don’t know and only you as the captain of this ship understands about our final destination of this books ending. Of course I am a fan and will stay the endurance…however I am not a large fan of book sereis that depend on the reading of their predecessar to understand it and have lost interest in the book series and its author bc of it. I am not one to stifle creativity and know you must reach more than one type of reader. Your writing style and habbit is what drew me to you, so if drawn out stories is what you are looking to get into to give you a more lucrative turn around for your writing, please continue the the stories that drew and created your foundation of readers as well. As Always, thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of us 🙂

    1. Actually this isn’t being dragged out. I just couldn’t in good conscioous give you an ending of over fourty thousand words when all the other books have benn no more than twenty.

      I promise you won’t regret it and I promise I will make it jaw dropping wonderful just because you’re worried it will be. LOL

  8. Book three was worth the wait. The twist and turns in this book were amazing. Philippe and Maxine feelings towards each other are so strong. I was hoping to that Maxine would of gone against her gut feelings. I agree with Stephanie, about Onxy taking Devon down. I can’t wait! Most of all I would like to see what actually happens to the organization, who was tied up on the bed, and what really happened to Lisa.

    I was shocked about Sheriff and Penny breaking up. It was good to see Red Heart doing well also.

    1. Knowing Onyx can hold her own and any male placed at her feet, that’s not the scene I’m waiting on. I can’t wait to read about Max reaction when she find out their past connection, especially with all the tension going on between them. Or the scene when Philippe comfront his father. I don’t see the society being dissolved but major changes get implement since the master’s actions is a reflection of the leader’s perception

      1. Hi Mona,

        I guess it is not the part of Onyx taking a male down I am talking about. It is the fact that she will be taking that devil Devon down, and the way she will be taking him down(Onyx style), I am talking about. I know that will be a magnificent scene only Ms. Sylvia can bring us with all the twist and turns she adds to her stories. I too, can’t wait to see the reaction of Max when she finds out about her past with Philippe. I have been trying to figure out the age difference, since he was the guy to rescue her when she was young. I don’t remember an age being mention here or in the first draft of the story by Ms. Sylvia. Maybe I’ll go back and read both copies to find out. If anyone has a hint, let me know?

        A loyal fan,

      2. Hey Stephanie

        Don’t quote me but I think I read 14 yrs difference. I can picture Onyx wrapping those thigh high leather boots around Devon’s neck until he becomes submissive. Then slapping one of those dog collar around his neck and parading around with him on all fours. Devon has one time to manhandle or call Onyx out of her name and he wont remember is last name.

      3. Hi Mona,

        Thanks. That’s funny. I can already picture it in my head. That’s a good scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ms Hubbard,
    You truly are the queen of cliffhanger, queen of everything a book has to offer. I actually missed work because I couldn’t stop reading your series”Dark Facade”. AMAZING Please keep the books coming.

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