FREE @AmazonKindle Secrets, Lies & Family Ties by @SylviaHubbard1 2/25-28

Yes, it’s back and it’s for you!

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About Book

Keeping her identity a secret, Grae steps outside of her shell & transforms herself into the woman of Ezekiel dreams. Yet, once he finds her true self, he has to decide if the past can be forgiven and they have to hope the future they want, won’t kill them.

Secrets, Lies & family Ties  provides a unique reading experience in a genre rarely given out for free and touches on unique situations that will make the reader grateful to you for providing a wonderful book.

About Author:

Detroit Native & author of over 30 books, this award winning best selling Mother of three is an avid reader and writer. Dubbed Cliffhanger Queen by her readers, she works tirelessly in Motown to increase literacy rates and connect readers to other Michigan writers.


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11 thoughts on “FREE @AmazonKindle Secrets, Lies & Family Ties by @SylviaHubbard1 2/25-28

  1. Yes Ms. Sylvia. I have read it and have left reviews about it. It was a good one. Sometimes I find myself re-reading some of the novels when I run out of material and need a Ms. Sylvia fix.

  2. Will Secrets Lies & Family Ties be available to nook reader.

    1. not too soon 🙁 I’m kinda waiting on my nook sales to take a jump before take SLF off of exclusive kindle. But it’s available in paperback everywhere

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