Author’s Note: I just realized I’ve released 5Books in 4 Months #SylLit #SneakReaders



Girl_writes_3I’m saying that to myself because that’s a lot of work.

I was going through the books on Smashwords to see what I released in 2012.

In 2012, I released 5 books

We should also include the The Heart of Detroit Compilation as well.

But as a surmised 2013 and it only being February, I realized Since November, I’ve released FIVE BOOKS

If I go by my usual quota for the year (five books) for 2013, I only have three more books to really produce, but I have a feeling, this will be a monumental year.

If I’m looking at my brain right, I think I should finish five more books this year.

I just gotta sit my butt down and do them.


I love when my #sneakreaders boast about how many of my books they’ve gotten.

I’m trying to make the transition from to Smashwords for all my electronic work, except my exclusives on Kindle which are

Currently, I have over 24 books available on my Smashwords site. Have you collected them all?

I’m going to make another book exclusive on Amazon. I was thinking the Little Bit of Sin Series (which I’m breaking up into three books) or Eve’s Deception.

what do u think of cover? thx @23_exchange

Still trying to decide.

As I write this post, I’m leaning towards Eve’s Deception. The series seem to be enjoyed by too many readers with too many different devices.

Oh BTW, I want to thank the B&N readers who’ve left comments on Dark Facade (and of course all the other books).

I know I don’t give you guys enough shout outs but I do thank you.

I can’t see my reviews in the iTunes stores, but if anyone can shoot them too me, please do.

Also, if you do post a review ANYWHERE please tag me my page on FB or Twitter (@sylviahubbard1). I’d appreciate that.

Okay, off the finish book Three of Dark Facade. It’s getting juicy and SPOILER ALERT: This might go into a fourth quarter.

If you’re looking for ConSensual, I’ve taken it down for paperback publishing. I’ll keep you information about that endeavor. I submitted it to an anthology and I will be adding a new part to it very soon. (That’s my 2014 endeavor because y’all ain’t getting no eighth book out of me this year… I don’t think.)

courtesy of

Your comments and reviews inspire me to write more and your book purchases and telling others about me give me the time to write more.

My last two blog posts have gotten like the most comments I think I’ve ever seen. And I love the way the readers engage with each other.

A recent comment about my writing really made me cheese hard:

I am well aware of the emotional roller coaster Sylvia sends you on. I have been hooked on her writing ever since stumbling upon her first book in 2010. She has now single handedly become my favorite author. Why, you say??? Because she has no boundaries. She doesn’t mind exploring the darker side of sensuality and even love. Her books aren’t all rose petals and heart candy. She will give you that but often times through a knife or gun in there too, LOL. Ok, I’m going back to work Mrskt20

I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a compliment or not but I love what she had to say!

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    1. thanks Ivory. if you haven’t already, please leave a review where you purchased and shout it to the ceiling for everyone else to know! xoxo

  1. I have obtained all of those books except Consensual. I truly adore you & your humbleness. Your creativity that keeps me coming back for MORE. KUDOS to you for pumping out Great stories & thank you for not shying away or compromising your material. Im in the middle of reading Sexweed… as always I’m LOVING IT! I know you don’t think that you’ll pass 5 books but I’m certain you will because writing is your passion. We love you & in no means are trying to kill you with writing, so take your time we aren’t going anywhere! We know you aim to please so on that note with Dark Facade already having a 3rd book & we’re only in February.. You will keep them coming. YOU GO GIRL! LOVE YA, But please take a well deserved breather & get yourself settled. ♥

  2. Loved all of the books that I have read so far. Where can I get a copy of Tanner’s Devil? I had previously purchased it on lulu, but it is no longer available.

    1. I have yet to find Tanner’s Devil. From the book line up I’m missing 2 others Emperor Heart and Sin’s Iniquity.

      1. Sylvia hasn’t finished Emperor Heart and I got my copy of Sin’s Iniquity can be purchased on Amazon.

      2. Sin’s iniquity is a MUST RED! Eventhough the book goes in detail about Dwight (who is the go to guy to retrieve money in many books) it goes more into detail with King Heart & a bit of Heart Drama. Its where my heart was crushed finding out King was guy although I see it as bisexual until Paradise gets her hands on him lol. Sins iniquity’s store is crazy & GOOD!!! A real page turner!

      1. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to read it again and also Emperor Heart. Loved them both as well as all your other books. Take your time getting back to us we can wait. Get you family settled and some of your life back in order.

  3. No matter how many you release, you will leave us wanting more. Take a breather, you have gone through such much in a short period of time.

      1. Tanner’s Devil I am glad it will be available soon. You have another book you were thinking about writing and you changed the name. The one with the creepy neighbor. Will that be a book for 2014? BTW dude has serious abs on the cover.

  4. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    Take your time, you know that I am a fan for life. It does not matter what I am reading at the time, I stop so I can purchase your novels and read them. I have the 24 that you have on smashwords, as well as others. I have Diary of A…., Teach Me to Love, Dreams of Reality, Secret, Lies and Family Ties, Sexweed, and Consenual. I was also one of your sneak readers for His. Sub. Wife…My Sister. I also read all of your online stories(Emperor’s Heart-part online, Other Side of Love-password, Mistaken Identity:Tres Amor-password(not finished), Manic Neighbor-password, Stranger 2 Love-password, and Double Playing-password) The only stories or books that I have not read or seen part of are Tanner’s Devil, Eve’s Deception, and King’s Paradise. If I have left any off, please let me know. I think that the cover for Eve’s Deception is fantastic. For one thing, it sure is an eye catcher. Just the abs and the red lettering alone catches the eye. Like 1sdunn, I have only been reading your work for a short time, but when I say I am hooked on your work, I mean I am hooked. I am finished reading everything I have including Dark Facade 1&2. But, I can patiently wait for your next material, because I don’t want you to get to overwhelmed. I don’t want you to guit. So, I will wait. Take a break, get rested you and revived, we, your true readers, will always be here for you. I see great things for you too. I leave reviews every where I can. I boast about how you are a great author on amazon, smashwords, goodreads, facebook, and Lulu. I place reviews every I purchase your novels and some places where I don’t purchase them. Keep up the good work, I am here for life.

    Your loyal fan,

    1. You’re triple awesome Stephanie! I always know your reviews before I read them. (all caps, LOL! Luv it!!)

      Things in the works

      A little bit of sin (finished but breaking it up)
      His Murderer’s Lover
      the trouble with Gabrielle
      Deadly Love: Blaque’s Revenge

    2. I can’t wait for KING’S PARADISE!!! I am so siked for it. I am happily enjoying the ride while I wait. 😀

      1. I know. King’s Paradise along with Lethal’s and Onyx’s stories will keep us talking for days. I can’t wait for them to come out too. I know when they do, they will be explosive. That’s why we need Ms. Slyvia to get plenty rest, so she can keep herself healthy to be able to deliver these excellent stories that keeps us on our toes.Oh, and let’s not forget about Shadow.

      2. My thoughts exactly. Sylvia NEEDS A REST! She spoils us by delivering so many great stories in impeccable timing. She hooks & keeps us coming back for more. She certainly has enough work ouf there to keep us busy. Although we fly through it because she gives us page turners. I LOVE IT!

      3. Oh NEVER THAT! Shadow is an IMPORTANT piece to the story. She has to get saved from King… BTW OMG!!!! I’m reading Sexweed & just learned of Danger’s mistress who bore (Nevers kids) so he is in fact their father NOT Their UNCLE! WTF!!! So they’re siblings & NOT cousins of Lethal, Onyx & Lynx. This is HUGE! Are any of them NEVERS kids? Is there a “Nevers”? Also the “New York Heart’s”, I think its safe to say Wicked (Theo) belongs to that bunch. Back to the drawing board for my family tree draft. Lol

  5. without seeing his face, he is difinitely eye candy. Gorgeous.

    Well done on the layout.

      1. Eve’s Deception. my co- worker Looked at the cover and her response was ” ok whose writing that book”.

    1. Oh you mean Eve’s Deception. I know. when the cover designer did it, I was like they won’t even see the church windows. LOL. I like that.

      1. I surely didn’t see the church windows. My eyes were glued to the hard sexy abs. Lol. Is this a book I can share with my church bookclub or will they rebuke me? Lol smh…

  6. Now Sylvia, my comment was definitely compliment (hands on hips shaking my head) lol. I love your writing. You give me that “something different” that I am always looking for. I have been reading romance novels since I was 12 years old and honestly the “damsel in distress – boy meets girl – hero saves the day – and mediocre sex scenes just don’t do it for me anymore. You give me a great plot and all the kinky stuff I need. When I read a book, I need to be taken away from my current reality and entertained. My life isn’t bad, I’m just busy as all get out (I’m a mother of 3, married to a coach, work full time, and a doctoral student). I don’t watch TV because I don’t have time and I prefer to reading in my spare time. I know there are others out there just like me who are tired of the boring “same old same old” novels, and if they are, you are like a breath of fresh air because there’s nothing boring about your books. Ok, now I have to go back to work…. again, lol!

    1. Mrskt20 I agree with you. Reading is my outlet between hubby, kids, and school.

    2. heck, i like to say what if and can that really be possible

      especially in the sex department.

      i lead a totally boring existence and I’VE BEEN READING ROMANCE NOVELS SINCE 12 TOO!! sister love!!!

      anyhoo, i decided if i couldn’t find what i was looking for in books, i’d write it myself, cuz i have to live vicariously through someone or something so i do it with my characters.

      now when i find my lethal heart or dalton bellini in real life, YOU ALL WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW CUZ i won’t need to write anymore.

      as if that’s ever gonna happen… not!!

      1. LMBO….. Sylvia I hope your Lethal Heart or Dalton Bellini is right around the corner. We ladies all need love. BUT that man better not make you forget about little old me (writing books for me…lol). Hell, hopefully he will give you new material to add (I’m smiling wickely right now).

    3. I completely agree girl. Reading Ms. Hubbard’s books is like watching a great action/suspense/romance movie with comedy thrown in. I often find myself with a bag of popcorn. Lol. I am extremely busy with 2 young boys, a husband that adds to my work, full time work, fulltime school, homework, baths, cooking, housework extra curriculum activities, karate, Dance & music with my boys yet I have time… rather MAKE time for a Great read, which Sylvia always gives. Its my way to escape my rat race & ger me time. Its more like an addiction lately. I AM ADDICICTED!!! I CONFESS. LOL

      1. **ADDICTED!!! I’m so getty I can’t even spell. Time for a fix. Im off to finish Sexweed. Lol… Really Good… BTW Once that knight& shinning armour comes change the names on the characters & share so others can live vicariously YOU!!! 😀

  7. Ok ladies, I am thinking about a live story that Sylvia was writing but I can’t remember the name. It’s the one about the nurse with the crazy brother and trifflin boss. She was planning to marry one of her old patients to keep his ex-wife from inheriting his estate. Oh and she was sleeping with his nephew (or maybe his twin nephews???)… Anybody know what I am talking about?

      1. oh good lawd, you mean the two brothers who don’t need to be sleeping with her. OHHHHH!! ha. okay, I need to open that up again. Actually, It’s going to be renamed to Mistaken identity three and part four will be when I get Jerome and Tyrone “another Dana.”

        (trying not to spoil the story for people who haven’t read, Mistaken Identity 2: LOVE 101

      2. Will there ever be another Dana? Im so happy to come across her again in Sexweed. That would definitely be a tough role to fill for this new chick. I wish it was Denise buried & not Dana… Another “Mistaken Identity”… get it? Lol. The guys are forever jokesters. Its a cruel joke but I could live with that if it gives me back Dana. :-D.

      3. Oh I agree @sdunn. Dana is most definitely one of a kind. I think we need some twist and turns to take place with this one. I like her way too much to say good bye forever.

    1. Yes Phyllis that is the name of that one, the main characters in that one is Keath, Pholsom, and Phoenix. Ms. Sylvia didn’t get to finish that story.

      1. That’s it Stephanie! I think she got hit in the head with a hammer and that’s where we left off. I need to read this again Sylvia. My details are horrible sketchy :/

      2. 1sdunn, just go tto Ms. Sylvia site and type in Mistaken Identity: Tres Amor, and it should come up if it is still there. It was a very good story, and I often still think about it and what the ending would be like.

    2. good lawd i don’t know what you’re talking about. can you remember the year or the name of the character. LOL. it sounds juicy.

      it almost sounded like stealing innocence I but then you said trifflin brother and two nephews? hmmmm.

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