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Yes, your patience has been drawn to the max and your reward is Book Two in the series.

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I’ve taken the characters deeper down the rabbit hole and I hope you know I’ve been especially realistic and cruel in this one.

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I want to thank Smashwords for approving the book so fast during this time for premium distribution so #SneakReaders can get it on other e-reading devices.

I was just informed you can get Dark Facade: Let The Party Begin Book One in the iTunes store already! (Thanks readers for the update).

If you see it on your e-reading store, please let me know in the comments. I think it’s just awesome you guys can get me everywhere.

I really had thought to make this one exclusive to Amazon, but I just had to share.

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I’ve had a lot of fun with this series and I might do another one. Maybe come out with A Little Bit of Sin this way too. I know that was a jamming story line. I just got to pray it didn’t get burned in the fire.

pray pray pray

Dark Facade (Book Two)

Cover for 'Dark Facade (Book Two)'

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 14, 2013
Words: 21,425 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

When The Dark Comes… As the saga continues, Maxine infiltrates The Masquerade, an underground secret society of wealthy men who believe money can buy everything, including treating women however they please.

Extended description

As the saga continues, Maxine infiltrates The Masquerade, an underground secret society of wealthy men who believe money can buy everything, including treating women however they please. When her membership application is accepted, Maxine braces herself for a weekend where she will have to spend without any contact with the outside world. What Maxine never thought to encounter was the mysterious stranger was now … her master. Maxine breaks the rules determined to find Lisa. Yet she never expected punishment like this.

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36 thoughts on “NOW AVAILABLE: #DarkFacade Book Two on #Smashwords & @AmazonKindle #amreading

  1. The only word I can come up with for book 2 is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This next stage had me shaking. It bring out all of my emotions. Ms. Sylvia, you truely have a way with words. I was happy at one point, then, that turned in disgust, then anger, followed by sadness. I can only imagine what will happen next. What is the problem with Philippe, I thought he was in love with Maxine. Well, I guess we will find out the true story in book 3. I must say that, book 2 kept me reading until I was finished. Was I surprised at the way the story developed, YES. Just from what I read, I can’t wait until book 3 comes out. Keep giong Ms. Sylvia, this is getting good. I want to see if all of the questions I have in my mind will be answered. Patiently waiting for the next saga!!!!!!!!

    Your loyal fan,

      1. I only speak the truth Ms. Sylvia. I haven’t read one of your novels that has not evoked more than one emotion at one time. I have read novels that has either made me sad or happy, but yours does that and more. I truely enjoy your writing style and will forever be a fan. And if you are revved up, then, you know how we(the readers) feel. But, we don’t want to rush you, we will patiently wait because, we know this will be good.

        Your loyal fan,

      2. Well said Stephanie. Im in agreement with you. Ms. Hubbard’s work always sparks multiple emotions for me in a single read. We your loyal fans will be patiently waiting because we know when its ready you WILL DELIVER & we won’t be disappointed! Actually the longer the wait the better & longer the material. We really are in awe of you & your creativity. Kudos to you Sylvia!

  2. Ok Im on it. A little behind becausmy son’s birthday was yesterday & I gave him all of me to the point of exhaustion. But today is mommy day. I will read, finish & post my review TODAY! I can’t wait… off to read. 🙂

  3. FINISHED!!! READ & POSTED MY REVIEW ON AMAZON. Sylvia Hubbard always staying true to form with passion & suspense delivered yet again another amazing book. Dark Facade book two sent me on an emotional ride wanting more. Sylvia doesn’t shy away but commits to each character wholeheartedly, although some maynot appreciate some of the content, it holds true to a secret society. I must say, I experienced loathing & sadness coupled with happiness & satisfaction. I am not upset with Philippe surprisingly, My heart went out to the suns, but they all knew what they were getting themselves. Into. Maxine is warned several times, so you be the judge. Happy Reading (with an open mind. You MUST read book one first.)

    1. For the record S Dunn & I are the same person. I forgot my log in one day & was using my kindle fire to respond. Anyway, I loved book 2. I want to share my thoughts on the book but don’t want to spoil it for others but Although my heart was saddened for Maxine, I was not mad at Phillippe, his hands were tied. She placed him in that situation. I do however loath Devon… im waiting for him to get his. Hopefully he will in book 3. Can’t wait! Good Read, just over too soon to quench my Hubbard desire. I was set to spend a huge part of my day relaxing & reading.

      1. I agree with SDunn. Maxine was warned but can you blame her for looking for her friend? Philippe hands were tied but he did stand up for himself. Devon is a crazy and nasty and I will leave it at that.

      2. someone did ask why did i go to extremes? but it was true to character for devon to not pass up an opportunity like that whwn he had wanted mAXine frm the start cuz of philippe

      3. I really want to get detailed but trying not to ruin it for others. Lol. I don’t blame Maxine for looking for Lisa, but once she finds her there is only so much she can do if Lisa refuses plus she is contracted not to leave. Maxine knew the dangers but curiosity got the best of her instead of getting cops involved. Im not complaining cuz there would be no steamy erotica dialect. Lol

      4. Don’t forget Maxine was warned about leaving the chambers by herself, but she really don’t know all the rules. She only said that she was invited by Lisa, but she really wasn’t. If she were really invited by Lisa, then, she would probably know all the rules. Since no one really went into details with her, I guess she thought she would go unoticed, wrong. I am like you 1sdunn, don’t want to get to detailed, but sometimes with Ms. Sylvia’s stories, you just can’t help it.

        A loyal fan,

      5. Stephanie, it is definitely hard to keep silent with Sylvia’s books. Maxine didn’t know all the rules but she was told NOT to leave the room by Nicole on top of warnings by handlers, Philippe, Devon & others on numerous times about disobeying orders. She tried her luck & got punished. It was sad because of her past with her forster father. She had it rough & she ment well trying to help Lisa which was her whole point of being there, but she really couldn’t be mad at her master because she knew he’d have to follow through with punishment if he liked it or not. I just hope Devon gets his big time!

  4. Oh my, Maxine is a better friend than me I would have already quit. she should have employed one of the hearts to this job. Anyway I loved the second book the punishment was brutal but I understand why it had to happen but I still hope Devon gets his comeuppance he is such a sadist.Now I’m wondering how does Maxine plan to punish Philippe and will he get her away from that place?I simply can’t wait for book three. Five stars for this one

  5. Awwwww, I feel so behind…. Of course I’ve purchased the book. I just haven’t had time to read it but that will change this afternoon. I have read this portion of the book before (lonnng ago) and I am very excited to see what (if anything has changed). I literary can’t wait to sit down with my kindle and read. And ladies I am well aware of the emotional roller coaster Sylvia sends you on. I have been hooked on her writing ever since stumbling upon her first book in 2010. She has now single handedly become my favorite author. Why, you say??? Because she has no boundaries. She doesn’t mind exploring the darker side of sensuality and even love. Her books aren’t all rose petals and heart candy. She will give you that but often times through a knife or gun in there too, LOL. Ok, I’m going back to work…

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