Author’s Note: #WickedChances… still #amwriting like fire on my butt! WC: 80K And yes, the SHTF is abt 2happen

Wicked Chances-smallerThere is no greater moment in an author‘s life of frustration during a story when the SHTF moment happens.

This is the point in the story when we are at the ARC of the story where all the problems in the story start to explode off the page!

Why should a writer be nervous? Because now it’s the time of the promise to the readers that we’re going to give you what you originally wanted… Everything! (Or at least what the synopsis said, plus a page turning hot darn can’t sit still drama, action, suspense that you’ve been waiting for all this time.)

And after eighty thousand words (which officially you’ve been reading a full length thick azz novel for FREE) I must deliver what you’ve been waiting for.

Well, we’re at this point in Wicked Chances. If you’ve read at least three books by me, what you think is going to happen… won’t. What you’re used to happening… won’t.

That’s really all I can say about the story at this time until I’m done.

If you’re a regular reader of The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard live story, then you know what might occur:

1. I might finish this story to the end.

2. I might stop the story, wrap it up offline and then post it up in three days for about .99cents.

3. I might quit

That’s been the case in the past.

I’m hoping for number two to happen. I would like to make something for this very hard endeavor.

Good reading is darn hard writing as one author once said. And it really is.

But for now, I’m going to post away until I figure it out. Don’t think number three is going to happen. I’m really seeing the ending in my head and it looks good.

Although, there is a lot of things to figure out until then.

How can you help?

well, now is the time to ask me all the problems with the story? What I haven’t solved, what I need to solve and what i didn’t finish solving.

I’ll appreciate your help and if you’d just like your nickname to appear in the author’s note of the story and you’ve been commenting so far, comment on this one so I can list you in the personal thanks section as well.

If you’re just joining us and would like to catch up before the story is done, I have combined up to chapter 39 as a work in progress on Smashwords. (I love that you guys have gone and added reviews there! That is awesomely cool cuz I’m not through and the readers are already giving me five out of five stars. WAHOOO!!!)

Wicked Chances

Cover for 'Wicked Chances'

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 3 reviews)

Published: Nov. 01, 2012
This book is a work in progress
Words: 79551 (approximate)

Short description

To save her life and the life of her children, she must give in to becoming a man’s wife.

Extended description

A woman with her children on the run from her past swears never to be another man’s whore. Now her baby’s father turns up dead and not only is his loan shark after her, but the police are after her as well.

Yet, when the malevolent, real estate accountant, Sterling Newman, finds out she is the key to completing his dream property, he blackmails her into marriage or turn her over to police.

Forced to marry in order to save her life and the life of her children, she vows to hate him forever. Yet, somehow he finds a way to make her body betray her heart.

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thank you so so very much!!

Off to chapter 41!

21 thoughts on “Author’s Note: #WickedChances… still #amwriting like fire on my butt! WC: 80K And yes, the SHTF is abt 2happen

  1. OK you’ve come to far to give up & quit. There are minor corrections with Lannie’s age of being two or six. You Must address why shadow has it out for sterling, how she knows all his hang ups, why is she running from king heart, WHOSE HER PARENTS, why Sharlie took her in as her child & covered for the real parents, what’s Blair’s real connection to Shadow , Blair has to be cleared with King & her name must be restored. Is Paradise going to make an appearance & get caught. Will sterling hand shadow over, will it hurt him & Blair, when will any hearts make an appearance AND WHO WILL DIE ??? I know I left a lot out but its early my brain is still waking up. Lol. I’ll repost as I think of more. Keep it going & finish it, then post it for .99 for late comers. Lol… I’ll buy it for my collection anyway. 😀

      1. Hi Ms. Hubbard,

        I like the way S Dunn is thinking. She hit on all the points I was going to suggest. We have been reading the story from the beginning and are true fans. I would also like to see the story finished. I would purchase it and when it is published will add it to my collection. It will be one of your greatest masterpieces. You have made this story so addictive that we as readers visit the site daily to get our dose of “WICKED CHANCES”. Keep up the good writing, and I am sure by the time the story ends, you will have hit on every major point. I’ll buy the book no matter the cost.
        Your loyal fan,

  2. Must address if Sterling gets his property, will he have a moment or confrontation with his sick mother. Will she apologize to help put his demons to rest or can he close that door with just Blair’s help. Will the ppl that ram sacked Blair’s place in the beginning come after Blair or did sterling already take care of them. What will happened with this marriage now consummated… so much to address. Your looking at 60+ chapters. Lol

    1. lawd, da help, i hope i can wrap it up by 50.

      Unfortunately I must go where I hate to go and that’s in King Heart.

      I’d be crazy not to bring that bastard to the readers after you’ve been reading him all through the book and after readers met him a lot in Hope Is Love, they are clamoring to hear frm him again.

      1. Hi Ms. Hubbard,
        I like the fact that you are going to King Heart. Maybe than we can get l littlie more insight on what makes him tick. I want to know about his relationship with Paradise. I just know he is the flip side of Lethal and that by it self is dangerous. I can’t wait until the confrontation with these two arrives. Like I said, your novels keep us the readers going and going.

        Your loyal fan,

  3. I love all your books. I have purchased many of them. There are many things that I would like to see happen, like who really killed Ray and what Dwight gets out of turning Shadow in? I would love for shadow and Sterling to work together and bring down Heart. Why does Heart really really want Blair? Keep up the good work Ms. Lady. I will be purchasing this book definitely. .

  4. A Dunn is on
    Is it more to the King and Dwight story? besides drugs was there another connection between Ray senior and King Heart? What’s going to happen to the property, who’s vision will come to reality for its use? Sterling or Shadow? Where has Paradise been since she knew who and where Blair was when she appeared in the story.

    .99 cents is a steal for a novel of this magnitude. Don’t short change herself. True fan will follow you. I havent come across other authors who allow fans to read as they write.

  5. If you are going to write a story about Shadow please don’t give too much away in this one. I would like to know why she was taken from her mother. Shadow deserves her own book period. Who actually killed Ray Sr? Will Sterling ever see his mother again to let her know she didn’t break him? Plus the angle of Blair’s mothers family, will the truth come out about her background. You touched on that briefly then the answer about her father was answered.

    1. oh thanks. i forgot about the mother thing.

      i remembered about who killed ray senior and that’ll go toward the resolution.

      hope i don’t forget

  6. Hey Sylvia. I’m fine with choice # 1 or 2. I don’t mind paying for your I incredible stories. But please don’t just stop writing it. I have read all but 2 of your stories and plan to continue being one of your loyal fans as long as you continue to write. So good luck and I can’t wait to read the rest of this story. Oh, I was wondering if Onyx would make an appearance in this story while she is on her mission to find Shadow.

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