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A woman with her children on the run from her past swears never to be another man’s whore. Now her baby’s father turns up dead and not only is his loan shark after her, but the police are after her as well.

Yet, when the malevolent, real estate accountant, Sterling Newman, finds out she is the key to completing his dream property, he blackmails her into marriage or turn her over to police.

Forced to marry in order to save her life and the life of her children, she vows to hate him forever. Yet, somehow he finds a way to make her body betray her heart.

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Author’s Note: Don’t get spoiled. I usually don’t post over the weekend, but I actually, despite my busy schedule was very productive in writing this weekend.

I’m busy preparing for my conference and I have a whole lot of work to do. I hope to be able to post more this week, but it may be at odd times.

I know a lot of my readers on EST enjoy my stories during their work day and get real excited that I post during the day. Yet, with me not being at work like the rest of working America, I’m sleeping at odd times and working at even odder times. (If that makes sense.)

I’ll really work a lot this week because I don’t want to lose my momentum with Nano. I really would like to win.

Also, this is a long chapter and I was going to break it up and make you guys pull your hair out, but I’m being nice.

For now…

enjoy again…

Chapter 4

A door opened and someone came in walking directly to the bed. The chain from the necklace was picked up from her side and laid perfectly centered down her back. Blair was glad for the mask because she hadn’t expected to feel the cold chain lay between the crack of her posterior.

She didn’t move a muscle though. Whoever was there straightened the mask to their liking and then straightened the sheet on the bed before leaving out.

Counting to pass the time, the next time she heard or felt something, was when she got to number three hundred. The door to the room opened and she heard several feet come in.

“Tonight’s entertainment gentleman is sponsored by your hosts.” It was the voice from last night. “He was so enchanted by our entertainment yesterday and knew you would enjoy the treat again, but this time a little different.”

Blair was dying to know what was going to be different.

“Would anyone like to care to touch?” the host asked.

She could hear several voices raised and she prepared her mind to go far far away.

Warm hands touched her derriere, back and her legs. They were strong hands, but soft. These men probably didn’t work hard a day in their lives. Still that only meant they made good money and soon that money would be hers, prompting her to keep her ass perfectly still and control her breathing where her chest cavity hardly even moved.

“Let’s let the show begin,” the voice said.

Brace yourself, Blair, she told herself.

Physically she was gone. Being completely limp and allowing someone to just touch her in a sexual way was just a technique she had learned so well from being with Ray Senior and his “friends.”

Mentally, she was acutely aware that there were two hands now touching her. These weren’t as soft as the previous people and they were touching her from both sides of the bed and it felt all over. When she was arrested from her concentration, she would just gnash her teeth together harder and then push herself back into her world where things couldn’t effect her or bother her or even hurt her.

“The hands” weren’t hurting her. Actually their touch was quite relaxing, then abruptly they stopped. A large body came on the bed and moved over her body. This was a male body from the girth and the hairiness, plus the way he displayed his weight on her body.

He grabbed the chain and pulled on her neck. The way the necklace was, it didn’t choke her but it definitely made it uncomfortable. Blair continued to be limp. Hands touched her breast harshly and even pinched her nipples. She grounded her teeth more, but didn’t change her outer composure.

The crowd seemed amazed at this and as she was released from the awkward hold, her body collapsed. The large body moved his hands down her back and moved his body down over her legs while his hands rested on her posterior.

Just as she thought the brutality was over with, he delivered a thick slap to her backside.

The mask was necessary, because her eyes had shot wide open, but she drew everything inside of her to stay still. Another slap was delivered even harder than the first and wanted to kiss the mask because she knew her face had scrunched up tightly, but her body stayed still.

The third tap wasn’t as hard as the second, but still severe. She took a deep breath as the fourth one was delivered and hoped the applause was because she had stayed still, but right then she just really wanted to get up and go home.

The large man moved from her and another one came on her. This one wasn’t so large, but longer and taller. He laid his body perfectly on top of hers. His feet moved down her ankles and splayed her legs apart and he gripped her wrist and pulled her arms above her head. His torso was lean, yet powerfully muscular and she could feel the strength in his legs and arms.

She felt his manhood slip between her lower cheeks until the tip of his pressed between the gap of her womanhood.

The idea of a man between her feminine lips and so close to her was erotic and intimidating at the same time. He had the power to do anything to her, yet he didn’t. He stayed within the realm of their agreement. The amazing part was that as he grew, he became long enough to touch the tip of her most sensitive area and every time he thrust downward, she felt her body become more and more aroused.

Did he know he was making her wet? Of course he knew. The moisture that was letting him easily slide between her legs was because of her. She was given him fluid power to continue his motion.

And she could feel her body tighten up until hot liquid flooded over her thighs and he grinded against her so hard, she exploded as well.

Yet only a whimper escaped her lips as her orgasm encompassed her entire being. He was gripping her hands and she used his tightness to release her own strain. Damn! That was completely unexpected – Especially since she hadn’t had an orgasm in over eleven years.

There was more applause and that gave her time to calm her breathing down and then lay perfectly still. The body that lay over her was breathing just as heavily and she could feel his rest his chin lightly on her shoulder.

“Let’s adjourn to the study for drinks, ladies and gentlemen,” the voice ordered.

She listened to people file out of the room, but even when she heard the door close, she didn’t move;  Mainly because she wanted the money, but also because the man was still lying on top of her.

When there was no one walking around the bedroom, he moved from her and she heard him get off the bed.

Minutes passed and her bladder started to talk to her. Should she move on her own? Should she just stay?

She needed this money badly and didn’t want to do anything to mess it up. Water ran to the left of her and then she felt a presence come back to the bed. She couldn’t help to gasp as a warm towel pressed up against her. NO ONE had EVER done this before to her – AND HE WAS VERY THOROUGH.

She was light enough to blush ten times and know that he saw she was embarrassed by his concentrated effort to wipe his essence away from her. Was he worried about pregnancy? Was he diseased?

When he was done, she heard him walk away from the bed, but in a moment his presence returned.

“You can get dress now,” a deep voice ordered.

Sitting up, she immediately pulled off the mask to look up into the most gorgeous teal eyes she had ever seen. It was a white man! A very muscular white man about six feet tall. The reason she knew he was very muscular was because he wasn’t wearing a shirt and he was just putting on a belt and closing his pants. His chest was sculptured like a lean male model and not a centimeter of fat could be seen. Her fingers tips itched to touch his body to see if he was real because she just didn’t trust her eyes.

He had very dark brown soft hair nicely cut to frame is very gorgeous serious face. There were long hairs up front and short hairs towards the back giving him a very debonair appearance, as long as she didn’t look directly into those stark bluish-seaweed eyes. He didn’t have to do much to look mean. His face was naturally serious.

He handed her a washcloth. It was slightly wet, but it was enough for her to clean up. Standing up, she wiped herself off quickly although he had done a pretty good job and then took off the stilettos before bending down and getting the box from under the bed.

He was watching her intently the whole time as if he expected her to say something to him. Blair had never been in a room with a white man alone and this man was too handsome for words and she just didn’t know how to accept the act they had done together. Although she was dying to know had he been there the first night?

No, the other guy felt different. Heavier, wider and … hairier. This man wasn’t hairy. His chest was flawless, stripped of hair completely.

Damn if she didn’t want to just touch his chest and then slid her fingers down to count out the packs on his stomach.

“Don’t you have questions?” he asked. His voice was hard and naturally scratchy. He didn’t look like he smoked or imbibed any substances that would cause damage to his vocal cords. His outer appearance was stiff as if he was more uncomfortable with her presence than she was with his.

Why would he be? She wondered.

He seemed more important than she was.

She shook her head to respond to his question. The less she said, the less she would reveal about herself. Plus, she remembered the first thing Jona had said. Don’t ask any questions.

“You just do this and go home?” he questioned, having the nerve to look bothered by this observation. He seemed like a person that was use to people asking him for something.

She could tell by his neatly groomed nails and nice naturally dark olive skin he took very good care of himself. Why should he look as if there was something wrong with what she did because didn’t he just masturbate on top of her in front of everyone?

She nodded trying to hurry up and get out of there.

He went to the end of the bed post where a white wifebeater and a dress shirt hung under a very expensive watch.

This was the man who had been on top of her?! The one who had brought her to orgasm! She should say something … right?

She put on her clothes and watched him out the corner of her eye, while he just blatantly watched her. Maybe he thought she was going to steal something. When he was finished buttoning up his shirt, by then she had all her clothes on and was trying to get the choker off her neck, but her fingers just couldn’t release the clasp.

He came up behind her and pushed her hands away. When the choker fell from her neck, she caught it and turned to the man.

He smelled like almonds and sweet musk – something expensive but not overly strong. He was close to her again and his hard expression and tight lips unnerved, yet that sense that he was more ill at ease in her company than she was with him amused her. She smirked at this observation because it couldn’t possibly be true.

“What’s so funny?” he asked in a growl.

Biting the bullet, she had a feeling he wasn’t going to stop bothering her until she said something. Maybe she was making him uncomfortable by the fact she hadn’t said a word. Giving her honest assessment of him, she said, “You’re seem nice, but you look mean and you sound mean.”

He stiffened more – as if that were possibly, but he accomplished it perfectly. “That’s your opinion,” he said with a cruel narrowness of his eyes. “I’m just direct.”

“Really?” she asked a little in disbelief at his statement from assessing his body language. While she put the items back in the box, including the expensive chocker, she asked, “So if I said you seem uncomfortable around me would also be an opinion?”

Before he answered, there was a knock on the door and the big man from yesterday came in with a gold box about the size of a small shoe box. The man in the room went to retrieve the box as if it meant something very valuable to him.

“Where’s the box with your stuff, B?” the big man from yesterday gruffly said.

Blair brought him the large box.

“You put everything in there?” the big guy asked suspiciously.

“Yes,” she said as if it should be obvious.

He took the box and said, “Your cab is waiting outside.”

“She’ll be down in a moment,” the other man said irritably.

The big man looked at her and Blair nodded as if she needed to assure him she was fine.

When the big guy left, the other guy closed the door and faced Blair as if she needed to explain something very important to him as soon as possible.

She didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing for this guy to be rude to the bigger man, but this guy’s persona seemed to radiate that he was selfish.

“What’s your name?” he asked facing her.

His tone of voice demanded she answer, but Blair had gone through the gambit of men forcing her, beating her and yelling at her. Now that she was away from her former life and her kids now meant everything to her, she was determined to stand up for herself and not just accept being tissue on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Her identity meant everything to her and to give it away so easily was just not in herself to do at this time.

“I should go,” she said holding her eyes down to show only docility hoping he would feel pity and let her go.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I really should go.”

He didn’t move from the pathway to the door and his body was large enough to block her from leaving. Blair hoped the big guy hadn’t gone too far.

Yet, being docile wasn’t going to cut it with him, so Blair decided to just lay out the truth with him. “What do you want from me, honestly? You don’t want to really know my name? You don’t really care what happens to me? So what do you want? Really?”

He looked conflicted and turned his body slightly away but then back to her. Running a frustrated hand through his hair and even hitting his fist on his powerful thighs – thighs she remembered gripping her and how his body had gyrated on the back of her. She was only slightly curious as to how he would feel on top of her.

“Can I meet you somewhere? Another day?” he asked stepping toward her. There was urgency coming from him, which she could feel radiating over to her. “Where we can talk comfortably.”

“No,” she said determinedly. The negative shot out of her mouth harshly as if he had insulted her and she stepped back because his proximity did something to her senses. Something a man had not done in a long time and it scared her because that “something” had caused her to become something she iddn’t want to be anymore.

He would only make her become something she didn’t want to become.

His eyes turned darker. He looked very angry, but he moved out her way, letting her walk by him to get to the door. She held back her look of relief because she knew whenever she showed Ray Senior she was glad, he would slap her on the side of her face with the back of his hand.

This one just grabbed her arm just as she opened the door.

“Please,” he said in a deep whisper with a desperation that stirred her soul.

Looking up into his deep eyes that seemed to go from blue to green and then a mixture of both. “Bea,” she said using the nickname they had given her yesterday.

This sufficed. He let her go and handed her the gold box. Quickly taking it refusing to make further eye contact, she hurried out of the room and down the stairs.

The big guy was at the cab and opened the door for her to get in.

“Z said call that number tomorrow at four o’clock.” He handed her a wad of money and frowned down at the gold box. “He gave that to you?”

“Yes, when I was leaving out of the room.”

“The whole box. He didn’t take anything out?”

“I didn’t remember him doing so,” she answered.

“What’d you do for him in that short of a time?”

Insulted by his innuendo, she said, “Nothing!”

The big guy smirked with a look of disbelief. “Enjoy and good job, again.”

She got into the back of the car and the big guy closed the door. The driver didn’t say anything to her as she gave him the location to the Laundromat.

When her heart stopped racing, she looked down at the wad of money that the big guy had given her. Counting out each bill slowly, she couldn’t believe yet again twelve hundred dollars was in her hand. Once she was done, she picked up the gold box the other guy had seemed to shove in her hand.

There was a latch on the box and she had to press extra hard in order to open it.

The cab was just pulling up in the parking lot just as she pulled the lid up and she gasped at the contents inside of the box.

This had to be a mistake.

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  1. Sylvia, please keep doing what you do. Wicked Chances is good, I am really enjoying how the story is starting to come together. I am still fairly new to your writing, and I really enjoy your writing. I wish you a lot of luck, and May God Bless You With Fortune. Your Fairly New Fan Margaret

  2. Ms Hubbard,
    This story, like all your others, is phenomenal. I like the beginning, and I like where the story seems to be heading. Please keep up the good work. I have purchased so many of your other stories, and I like them all. I became a fan at the end of 2011, and I wish I could go back and read some of your other stories. Take care and be blessed. A devoted fan.

    1. if you mean read them live, then yeah, you ,missed a really good time with the readers.

      Every time I do these livestory’s I get a rush knowing my readers are commenting on the story as i write it.

      it’s fun because it feels like you guys are standing right behind me grabbing the papers out of the printer as they are produced.

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      which I hope to push out soon.

      Thank you for enjoying my work and I hope you pass the word and invite other readers to join us on this literary journey!

      And i like your name cuz you’re named after my sister, Stephanie. 🙂

  3. Hmmm…reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m not buying that the guy is so into her this early in the story.

  4. Oh Gosh, WHAT’S IN THE BOX??? Can’t to keep reading to find out. I’m loving the fifty Shades Twist or shall I say the Stealing Innocence Twist Since you did the Dom/ Sub thing way before fifty shades LOL. I like the twist. I wonder if Jaelen & Kimberly will make an appearance.

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