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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: 
Two things I know what you’re going to ask

First: Where is the other part to Other side of Love? Answer: It’s because it’s a work in progress. Although I’m amazed at my readers  prowess to find the chapters that are sequestered deep in this website. 

Second: Who is Onyx Heart and where can you find more books about her? Answer: Onyx is my own devil’s advocate. She could be one of the most irritating women I’ve ever created or met. (Probably cuz she has a little bit of me in her). No story for her comes until after stealing innocence III (that’s her brother’s story), but if you want to know when that one is due, all I can answer hopefully by the end of the year. 

Chapter 11

After their clothes were back to right, Pholsom came over to her and kissed her forehead tenderly.

“You are so beautiful Elena,” he whispered taking her hand and putting the ring back where it was supposed to be. “Call me tomorrow so we can go to the facility. Don’t worry about anything with my uncle. He’ll understand.”

She knew these promises were from his heart because she could see it so clearly on his face how much she meant to him. Yes, he was a complicated man, but she was falling for him hard and didn’t want to change one damn bit about him.

When Pholsom left, she gathered herself and hoped she looked like she was walking straight to actually do her rounds for the night.

So you forgot about your mysterious man so fast? Her mind asked.

Looking down at the engagement ring, she picked up Sloan’s file. The emergency contact was only Armando Bellini.

Should she ask the lawyer about the son? Could the son have been the one in the house?

He had to be. That could have been the only answer to everything. Sloan had not been there. She remembered he had left that day and the person kissing her had been young, built and smelled…

Why did she think of Pholsom whenever she thought of that smell now?

Was her brain confusing the past with her present?

She knew smells were a very powerful form of memory to the brain, but the way Pholsom smelled couldn’t be anything attached to the memory of that day except…

Sweet rain.

She was always smelling that when Pholsom was around and that’s what she had smelled when she was at the bottom of the steps in Sloan’s house.


Unless Pholsom had been in that house? But why wouldn’t he have said something to her by now if he knew she had been in the house and he had kissed her?

Because maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe it had to be Phoenix.

She had a lot of questions when she talked with Pholsom again, but for right now, she decided to concentrate on work.

Her mind soon became consumed with taking vitals and getting beds changed before her shift ended.

Elena determined she needed to talk to someone about this and the only person she could think of was Chance because on top of everything else, she needed to let him know she had not taken the after morning pill.


            There was an hour lull before the end of her shift and she was finally able to sit down and relax. She took a twenty minute powernap to recoup from the exhausting day. She needed to take the ring off again because the large diamonds got in the way of bed changing.

She determined she could wear it away from work, but while she was at work she would find a chain to put it on. For the moment, she slipped the engagement in her pocket.

When she awoke from her powernap, she had the book beside her and decided to at least try to get through a couple of pages.

Two pages later, she was patting herself on the back for reading so fast as she turned the third page. There she stopped because a piece of paper dropped out that had been jammed in the gutter of the book and fallen in her lap.

“Help me. Ins#002332300-22323. She made me.”

The note was written in a desperate pencil print that even made her feel bad for whoever wrote it.

She flipped the small piece of paper over and what she read chilled her to the bone.

Mr. Louis Cartwright’s signature.

“I think you need to give that to me,” someone said at the doorway of the employee lounge where Elena had camped out at.

Elena had to turn around to see who had come in the door thinking very much it was Lori, but it wasn’t.

A lithe muscular sensual black woman about five feet four without the thick thigh high four inch booted heels dressed all in black, including a long black leather McIntosh which went almost to the floor. Her black hair was pulled in a tight ponytail, which was in a thick braid and just grazed her shoulders.

“Who are you? And how’d you get on this floor and in this room? Visiting hours-“

The woman cut Elena off and sighed with impatience. “I don’t need to explain myself, but I believe you have my card. I’m Onyx Heart. Dr. Chance Jefferson hired me for you.”

Elena stood up, saying, “That still doesn’t explain how you got in here.”

“If you want to have a discussion about my amazing prowess and stealth abilities we can go all day, but if you want to know what the hell is happening to the patients on this ward, why don’t you just sit your ass back down after you give me that book and piece of paper.”

Why did Elena suddenly feel her life was in jeopardy and where the hell did that cold breeze come from?

Putting the piece of paper in the book, she handed the book over to Onyx.

The woman took out a plastic bag and motioned for Elena to drop the book in the bag. Once that was done and the bag was sealed, it disappeared in the woman’s coat. Elena sat down and Onyx came around the couch to sit on the arm of the loveseat across from the couch.

“I don’t need an introduction. Just know I can find out what you need, Elena, but I need you to keep your suspicions to yourself. Talk to Chance, but no one else. No matter what I revealed. I’ve been keeping track of your brother and I agree with Chance, that nurse Lori makes her work like roses when she really smells like shit. Did you know she used to work in five hospitals and geriatric facilities before becoming employed at this hospital? What’s strange was that she only used to work at places no more than three years, but not only has she worked here over three years, she’s worked here twice. She actually grew up in one down south. Her mother operated one and Lori helped out from the time she could carry bedpans.”

Elena shook her head completely amazed and bewildered by the information.

“What’s very suspicious is that she lost the family business due to unpaid taxes but at the time of the loss she was driving around in a hundred thousand dollar car and living at the most expensive hotel on the block. Currently, she stays at the St. Royal and gets her mail to a post office box right down the street from there. Even though that’s about the worst dye job I’ve seen, it’s expensive as shit and she get’s pedicures & manicures on a weekly basis. Don’t you think that’s strange on a nurse salary?”

“I didn’t know that either. I don’t think anyone ask her personal business.”

“She’s mean on purpose.” Onyx moved over and opened the blinds slightly to look down the hall. “She’ll be here soon. I think she has plans of coming in early. That patient, Mr. Bradshaw, how’s he doing?”

Now Elena was very alerted hearing her soon to be husband’s name on Onyx’s lips. “He’s fine.”

“And of course she wasn’t around when his lung collapsed today, right?”

“I wasn’t on the floor. I don’t know.”

Onyx cut her eyes back at Elena. “Oh yeah. You were with Chance.” She smirked. “Obviously, you’re not sleeping with him since you can walk straight enough.”

“Who I sleep with is none of your business or has to do with the work you were hired for,” Elena said affronted.

Turning around slowly, Onyx said, “Oh so you are sleeping with someone, huh?” Raising a black eyebrow in amused curiosity, she continued, “No matter if you tell me, I find out anything I want to find out.” Coming back over to the couch, she said. “I’ll run the fingerprints on this baby, do some more investigative shit and I’ll see you in a couple of days. What are you doing Saturday?”

“It’ll be very busy for me.” She wasn’t about to tell this woman about what she was planning.

“Really?” Onyx asked. “You have no life other than here at work. Have things changed recently because of this new beau?”

“How’d you know he was new- hey, you’re trying to get information out of me.”

Onyx smirked again impishly. “Oh this is going to be easier than I thought.”

Elena huffed and crossed her arms petulantly. “I can’t meet with you Saturday.”

“You will.” Onyx went to the door. “By the way, start being just a little observant around your place. Vick’s been digging around the house like a dog in heat trying to find something, but I’m confused because all that digging in the backyard that’s still there after all these years is where he should be digging around if he was looking for something.”

“What digging in the backyard?”

Frowning, Onyx said, “You really haven’t noticed that man only moved in to look around the house and spy on you? A grown man like that really couldn’t find anywhere else to live that he choose to live with his miserable little sister and return to a house where he and you hated every day of your lives. Come on, Elena. Wake up and smell the dog shit that’s being piled around you.”

Elena hated the way this woman spoke to her, but the information Onyx was relaying was blowing her mind. How’d Onyx know Elena hated living there? How’d Onyx know about Vick rummaging around the house?

Onyx added one more thing, “And if you’re looking for something, my guess would be in the one place you didn’t make changes to.”

“How do you know all this?”

“I saw your plans you turned in to Building and Safety. You made adjustments on the architectural design slightly. I don’t know if you thought it was because of your old fears or because you must have forgotten about it, but check the designs and you’ll see it plain as day. Vick hasn’t figured it out yet.”

“But what’s in the backyard?”

“Go look.” Onyx left out closing the door behind her.

Following her out in the hall, by the time Elena stepped out the lounge two seconds behind Onyx, the woman was nowhere in sight. Elena searched to see if Onyx had disappeared in a patient’s room or down the exit all the way down the hall, but the woman left just as mysteriously as she had arrived.

Who the hell was this woman?

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    Keep up the good work.

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