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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Chapter 11

Just as Onyx predicted, Lori decided to show up early for work. Very early and was terrorizing the staff for the laziness in her opinion as she took over assignments and caused her own chaos.

If Elena was in charge, she would have told Lori to get her ass off the floor, but she wasn’t. She did some paperwork, made sure some administrative reports were done, but she wasn’t in charge of personnel on the floor. That was Lori’s job and Elena had no power if Lori decided to come in.

When her shift was done, she rushed down to Chance’s floor only to find out he was off work for the next two days. Elena didn’t want to ask for his personal cell phone because the nurse was looking like she already knew about “Elena and Chance.” Getting out to her car, she drove home like a bat out of hell, remembering Onyx’s words.

Arriving, she was relieve her brother wasn’t there and Elena did what Onyx had said. Carefully she looked around the entire house.

To the normal eye, things didn’t look out of place. Elena kept a neat house and the only thing really needed was dusting, but as she took careful inspection, she started to notice that the dust told the story of being moved recently.

Just as Onyx said, someone had been moving things out of place and putting them right back as they were so Elena couldn’t have noticed a thing.

In her inspection, she saw shelves, furniture and even carpet had been removed and replaced. What was Vick looking for?

Her father’s original will?

What Sloan had told her and what Onyx had revealed slowly came together. Vick was trying to find the original will before or after he killed her? It didn’t matter because she didn’t want to die.

So she’d have to find the will before him or see if the process of marriage could hurry up just in case she was planned to be murder sooner than later. Sloan was very right about Vick not getting anything her father left, if her father left anything.

No, even she knew the State of Michigan required seventy-two hours, so there was no rushing that.

How could she slow Vick down? By finding out about what Lori was doing to the patients. Since he was dating Lori that could possible slow them down as they tried covering their butts at the hospital.

Yawning from the exhausting past twenty-four hours, she went to her upstairs bedroom.

Sluggishly she remembered more of what Onyx had said. What hadn’t she changed about the house?

Her bedroom. The construction team wanted to take out the closet in the original bedroom that belonged to her mother’s, but she had changed the plans, just like Onyx said she had done.

Years of yelling by her mother at Elena when she was young to never go near the closet and even if it was to get anything out of the closet for her mother, it was always quickly.

But once, when she was young, Vick was chasing her around the house because he thought she had touched something of his.

I’m going to kill you!” he raged at her.

She was terrified and hid the only place they were never allowed to go.

Her mother’s closet.

Opening up the closet, she remembered cleaning out the closet after her mother had died, but not really paid attention to any details inside. The grieving and then the robbery right after the funeral had really disrupted her life and taken an emotional toll on her mental capabilities.

Pulling out all the boxes on the top shelf, Elena looked carefully at the wall and saw there looked to be some patching done going towards the ceiling of the closet.

Yawning as her body longed to succumb to the exhausting night she had, she knew she wouldn’t be able to break open a wall right then. Getting the plans back from her contractor would be her best bet. Quickly, sending a text over to the contractor, she yawned yet again.

After taking a quick shower, that was pretty much was it for her on trying to do anything. Her brain was gone and soon as her head hit the pillow she was out for the count.

When she awoke, her mind started working on her current problems and she remembered Chance had given her his card the first time he’d seen her with his personal cell phone number on the back of the card.

Getting up and digging around her purse, she found the card and called the number.

“I’m off of work. You don’t have to show extra effort to help the gossip mill around there,” he teased.

“This isn’t about that place, but it is about Onyx Heart.”

“What happened?:” he asked worriedly. “Did she hurt you? Should I come over?”

“I’m fine,” she assured him. “She took some things, she said things that bothered me and then left.”

“So physically you’re alright?”

Yes, but if you knew she could hurt me physically, why didn’t you warn me?”

“I didn’t think she’d just pop up like that on you. I didn’t even tell her much about you so I’m curious to know how’d she figure out you were who I hired her for. I thought she would at least give me warning. Did she have anything?”

“Like I said she pointed out some things that bothered me. Can we meet for lunch or something. I was actually going to take the day off of work to accept Pholsom’s proposal and do a tour of the facility but I do need to speak to you about some things.”

“I was going to pop in the hospital for a second this morning, so we could meet about eleven? I’ll text you this great café near midtown called Fourteen. It’s right across from the main library with the best lattes I’ve tasted in the city to date.”

She was relieved about him wanting to be friends outside of work because she needed one right now. “Thanks Chance. I’ll see you soon.”

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