New & Simple Homepage for #SylLit World! Let me know what u think.


I’ve been running this website currently since January 2006.

My original intent by 2009 was to have someplace I could house my literary world – literally!

The new homepage looks like this:

It has changed over the years and I must say that I have been proud of its growth and for making the growth so easy to accomplish. In additional to the page design which I choose and worked with, wordpress has made a create mobile creation where my readers can get to where they need fast when they want to.

Currently right now, we should hit 300K visitors/views by the end of August, and over 3100 comments (with noniemom being the highest commentor and the post called beautiful torture being the most commented on).

The website gets about an average 200 views a day from all over the world and  the most visited one is Free-Reads. (of course)

Built inside this intricate website are over five short stories just for visitors if you know the passwords and also longer stories if you can figure out where the rabbit hole starts. I’ve done this to immerse readers into a reading labyrinth they will enjoy for hours to come and return just to see what’s new. (More to come in 2012 and 2013).

The hardest work I have done is on the Bookstore. Readers were asking questions that I even had problems answering because there were so many books. (By 2011, I was up to twenty books and drowning in my own stories because I was pumping them out really fast at the time.)

I strategized to make a page I could direct everyone too no matter what they wanted, what they were reading and/or what they were reading on.

The complaints about “so much stuff” on the front page started in 2010 and gradually increased. If you weren’t following me on twitter, you weren’t seeing where you needed to go on the site correctly.

Hence, the simple homepage where everyone can go to get to where they needed to be.

Now I need your help in letting me know what else is needed or can I do something even better (with what I’m working with.)

I’d love your help and feedback.

Now back to the new and improved Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard!

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