READER QUESTION: What’s the “series reading order” for Heart of Detroit & Bellini? #syllit

Several readers have questioned me about how to read the order of all the Heart of Detroit Series and The Bellini’s.


Well for The Bellini’s, the only real book that deal directly with the family is The Other Side of Love, which is still a work in progress. So there’s really no order their books can be read in.

In the spectrum of things, for the Heart of Detroit, I wrote them just to introduce the cousins of Lethal and Onyx Heart. Even though the books are series, they really are stand alone books that can be read in any order.

Last week, if you missed it, I gave Red Heart away for free. Sorry if you missed it, but you can get Silent Lynx & Diamonds In The Rough still free.

All These books can be downloaded on or other e-book formats.

All books that refer to the Hearts are listed in this post.

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10 thoughts on “READER QUESTION: What’s the “series reading order” for Heart of Detroit & Bellini? #syllit

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    I read where you said Other Side Of Love is a work in progress, so are you going to also be doing “A Little Bit of Sin”. I started reading that one on the computer also. It was getting so good. Looking forward to both of these.

    1. yep, i’ll be finishing them soon. life’s been just a little off kelter! i need like a fanclub president to help me market while i keep writing. LOL

  2. LOL!!!!!! I hear ya… i’ll be on the lookout for them and I am waiting on my tiptoes for Lethal’s story

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