Scribblers, Screamers & Other Wordslingers Magazine @sswmag features @sylviahubbard1| Plus #hopeislove 1st booksigning

I’m honored to be featured at Scribblers, Screamers & Other Wordslingers Magazine.

taken by JM Collins @sswmag

For my first book signing offline, I was at Tom’s Oyster Bar in Detroit where I was given a great welcome as wine tasters greeted me and learned about my journey to bring Hope Is Love to life.

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I was also honored with a visit from comedian Horace B Sanders and other notable friends such as author: Kai Mann, playwright: Octavia Lesley and freelance journalist: Pam Woodley.

I want to thank everyone for their support and I’ll be of course at other venues to come.

  • March 20th Freelance Writing Group – Tech Talk B&N Rochester Hills 7pm Free event (but order book in advance before arriving please)
  • March 22nd – Ebook Workshop at Tech Town 4pm – $40
  • March 24th – Woman’s Literacy Day –  Noon – 8325 E Jefferson, Detroit – Free Event
  • March 31st – Writer’s Expo & Book Release $15
  • April 1 – 10th Online Book Blog Tour (details forthcoming)
  • April 28th – Authors and Ice Cream Meet and Greet for Authors & Book Lovers $5

Of course more information will be forthcoming and I’m hoping more events are to come. Please contact me if you’d love to have me at your event!

Horace B Sanders & Sylvia Hubbard

5 thoughts on “Scribblers, Screamers & Other Wordslingers Magazine @sswmag features @sylviahubbard1| Plus #hopeislove 1st booksigning

  1. I just finished Diamond in the the rough. Excellent book!!! Why does all the members of the heart family have such rage in them? You are truly an excellant story teller. I enjoy all your characters, keep up the good work.

    1. I blame the parents in this case of the Hearts but we all have a rage in us, it’s just how we combine life that makes us either dangerous or charming.

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