My Experience with my @AmazonKindle Fire as a Writer! * * * * * Review, Apps for Writers & more!

To the fans eagerly awaiting for me to finish up the story, I am in the process of doing so, but the Christmas holiday has hit earlier than expected and money troubles along with other things have jumped in the way. Including a christmas sex story I was asked to write. Been dug down in the trenches and had to do some digging around The Mysterious Mr. Black and also Sex Weed to finish off some things in the current live story. By Christmas, or a little bit afterwards the live story should be ready for upload.

Drumroll please…… (use your imagination and pretend you hear some)


I shrilled so loud all the kids ran to the front room to see if the delivery person had killed me. I thought I had fainted, but I hadn’t.

I had the Amazon Fire in my hands.

I had ordered it one day before three p.m. and the next day it was in my hands. I love being Amazon Prime, so the whole 75 dollars a year was worth it in that moment. LOL.

I hugged the box and then ran in my room screaming at the kids to leave me alone for the rest of the night.

I’m in love with my Fire! To be fair, I was in love with the Fire before I even had it. I even waited a week before ordering the device to see what the reviews were… and I was still in love with the Fire.

After receiving my device, I think i held it for about two hours before even turning it on just because I was overjoyed to have the device in my hand. I might sound like I’m over the top insane, but I’ve been an Amazon fan since it’s inception and my love for books is unconditionally crazy love. So having Amazon in the palm of my hands was trembling exciting to say the least.

With the apps and web functions, having this device has really been the highlight of my year. Now I do have a netbook that’s small enough to fit in my purse, but just having this Fire is really an wonderful experience of entertainment and work in one place.

I’m an author and being able to write short notes and completing books in a hurry wherever I am has been a hindrance before now.

Now I’m not going to shield that there have been some buggy features. The over sensitive screen was annoying until I started playing a game and typing on the screen – really using the whole screen and seeing where there the areas were buggy. I learned I had to adjust my fingers slightly so I could press the right letters and once I became familiar with where the keys were, I really could take off on writing and using the other apps and functions on the Fire.

There was even a point where the unit switched off all of a sudden and wouldn’t come back on until I held the power button for EXACTLY 20 seconds until it came back on and since then it’s worked just fine.

I was aware of the web function and the amazon SILK slow server, but other than a couple of slow delays it really hasn’t been a problem for me at all.

Now the power button, after a couple of times by making a mistake of turning it off, I learned where to place my hands and have been cognizant abut where it is subconsciously.

Yet, I’ve gotten so much more out of the Fire than anything I could have expected. With the Evernote feature and then GetGlue I’m completely in Technology heaven with the “baby.” Now I’m just waiting for someone to provide engraving on the back of the durn thing so I can give the “baby” his official name of JeffB – seriously and then I can say JeffB belongs to Sylvia Hubbard instead of the other way around. LOL. (Yes, I’m being factious.)

I am very impressed by the battery life. I went three full days (only watched one movie in that time) without charging it.

Now the wifi usage is a good and bad thing. Since I already have a laptop that only uses wifi I’m used to not having the 3g experience, because I have it on my Tmobile phone. (It’s an Nokia touchscreen that I love the contact features and don’t want to change to an android.)

That’s why the Fire has become my best friend, because I didn’t want an big ole android in my ear – and my arm getting tired. Plus, I can’t even begin to say how much reading I’ve accomplished since having this device.

Apps to get for kindle fire
Evernote – it’s about the best one i found that i can use even ifI’m not online.
Wifi is very important to the Fire, but I’m always around The internet in order to use it.
I enjoyed the ease of not losing documents as well, because as soon asyou hit a wifi spot it automaticlaly updates itself. on top of that the web interface isn’t too busy to lock up your computer.
Hootsuite – keeping up with your socials is difficult but this app has made it wonderful to know what’s going on with these socials – twitter and facebook (even your pages).  it’s a simple application and you should make sure you add this one there. Plus there isn’t a Twitter app on there that’s nice like the other. I’m hoping with the updates that Amazon will add something that I can do reviews and other things better with a connection straight to my Twitter Account.
Adobe Reader – I did this one just in case something happened, even though the Doc function opens up Pdf’s just fine. Almost better than other e-readers I’ve encountered, meaning I could turn the pdf one way or another and it conformed to the screen.  I also like how I can email my Fire documents to read.
The 8G drive. Should I be worried?
I’m not. 8G is 6000 books! My Nokia phone as 8G in there and I’ve had 8Gs in my phone for over two years. Although i can’t download a movie on it, I haven’t used the whole drive up on my phone. I think God was preparing me for the Fire, because I how to utilize my space correctly. Plus I can always take things off my device without deleting them off my account, and then return them to the device just as easy as pie. I like how it gives me the option of weather I want to download the book or app now. It’s really really great when it comes to the size and for the price I was given to buy the “baby” I don’t mind the 8G drive with the Cloud space. Go Amazon!
Other things that has nothing to do with writing:
  • The weather channel app
  • netflix
  • stumbleupon
Actually I was surprised to find Kobo, Aldiko and Bluefire Reader. Get those apps for your Kindle Fire and you’ll be able to read books in epub format from many sources!”
I’m still looking for the Kobo hack, but when I find it I’ll let you know.

And this is my experience with my beautiful wonderful Amazon Kindle Fire for the past three weeks! I’ll update you more after the New Year!

(Yes, that was factious again!) xoxo from Motown!

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Update 12/28/11 – Mashable made a guide also for the kindle fire

12 thoughts on “My Experience with my @AmazonKindle Fire as a Writer! * * * * * Review, Apps for Writers & more!

  1. You know I’m jealous. I have a question. Can you write on it? I’ve been thinking about a net book. Loved how you could slide it in your purse. Is this good for writing or just for being online/reading?

    1. with the evernote app, i’m able to write on it and it goes straight to my account or i can email what i write directly to myself or post on facebook.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Wondered if you could write on it. Have one in the box for son #3 and wanted to encourage him to get ready for publishing as well. We will stay tuned to your updates and writing tips.

    1. thanks LaToniya! Like I said the app has been the best one I found that works well online and offline with the device. I was worried about the offline application, but found as soon as it finds Internet (wifi) It updates instantly.

  3. I ordered mine Monday and got it Tuesday, I’m so in love, it is super easy, I have been downloading music I need to figure out how to transfer my music instead of buying stuff over again which I will gladly do!!! I have been reading books on my Droid Incredible2 phone and this is soooooo much better, I will be in the hospital getting a total knee replacement in January, with my new friend (i haven’t named mine yet) I will be so happy!!!

    1. Go to your music onn amazon and load your own to the cloud the give you. Super easy I promise.

      I really must ask, how many of my books have you read on it yet? Loo I will pray for your knee surgery and hurry upwith the live story so you can have it for bed rest. Happy new year Jo!

  4. Hey Sylvia!!! I have read 8 books and counting!! Oh I have read all of the short stories on your page also 🙂 I am counting down the days until the surgery, (Jan 23) I welcome the chance to read the remainder of your live story!! Can you send Lethal to my hospital room just to check on me after the surgery???? LOL

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