La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 18 #WIP

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Chapter 17

Chapter 18


She pushed him away needed a moment to catch her breath. “I should refresh myself before we leave, please.”

Axel helped her down and politely stepped away. “You make me forget what our plans are very easily, Stefanie.”

“Is that a good thing or bad?” she question.

He raised a wicked brow. “Good for you, trust me.” He lightly brushed his lips over hers. “Hurry before I forget my control I promised to keep,” he whispered.

Stefanie walked out before she found herself begging him to carry her to her bedroom, rip her clothes off and make love to her.

Soon as she got to the bathroom, she changed into a new pair of underwear because she had drenched the ones she was wearing.

You will not act like a horny fool, she ordered herself.

Yet already she was remembering how his lips tasted and how his body felt against hers -Even though she had not gotten complete satisac tion, everything about him made her feel good. She was almost terrified of what could possibly happen once they really came together.

could he make feel even better than her mystery man?

The idea make her dizzy and she quicky gulped some cold water so she would not pass out at her thoughts of being with Axel Black.

Straightening out her clothes, refreshing her make up, she joined him in the front room. “Where are we off too?”


She stopped in her tracks and he halted his step. “Gaston’s? At your private booth?”

“Yes, I have one. How’d you know about that?” Right ater he asked he rolled his eyes and answered his own question. “Lauren, right?” He chuckled. “Dexter must have lied to her, to impress her, Stefanie, to tell him whatever he wanted.”

Wealth always loosened Lauren’s tongue. “She said he took her there for dinner and then took her on a boat. The next morning he sent her flowers.”

“Have you ever heard Lauren lie about anything before? Has she always been truthful about everything with you, Stefanie? he questioned.

Feeling confused because there was a lot of things stefanie doubted about Lauren, she could only answer his inquiry with a shrug.

“Let me take you on the date that she dreamed of going on, Stefanie,” Axel challenged. “I promise you after tonight you won’t have to hang on another word from their lives or live vicariously through them. I’ll show you how a real man is supposed to have been treating you.” He kissed her forehead, lips, cheek and neck.

.           Damn! She was going to have to change her panties again. Feeling ridiculous, she asked sarcastically, “Dexter wouldn’t have his own private booth at Gaston’s.”

“Along with his boat,” Axel responded with the same sarcasm.

On one hand her gut told her to inquire more, but in the next she wanted this to be the perfect night for her. For once in her life, she didn’t hear the negative voices of others in her head and she felt like she was walking on Cloud Nine.

Relaxing, she said, “I should really stop believing what Lauren says, shouldn’t I?” this felt wonderful to say outloud and solidified her determnation to always find out the truth before she believed another word Lauren or Jezica said.

“Do I need to answer that?”

She shook her head and leaned up on him, standing on her tiptoes to kiss his check. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“I just want to be your dream come true, Stefanie. I want to everything you’ve ever wanted in a man. I’m yours,” he said with deep promise in his blue and green eyes gleaming so bright, her blood seemed to heat up.

Yes, she was dreaming – wide awake and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.


Almost a block away from Gaston’s there were cars packed in lots and when he drive by the front, there was a line waiting outside in the guest waiting area. Even on a Friday evening, one could tell this restaurant was jumping and a seat would be heard to find.

Axel didn’t stop in front though. He pulled to the side where there was a special VIP valet and they were ushered inside, up some carpeted stairs right past the kitchen where the delicious smells of Gaston’s Desserts were being constantly baked. The smell made her mouth water and she was floating higher than heaven from the thought of tasting them with Axel.

They were escorted to the eighth booth on the second floor with a curtain to give them privacy. His booth seated our people comfortably.

To her disappointment he sat across from her in the booth and began to order their drink and a light appetizer. Once the waiter was gone, leaving them alone, he asked, “Are you interested in finding out more about me?”

There was this deep searching look in his extraordinary eyes that stirred her all the way to her soul. Of course she wanted to find out everything there was to this man, but in the back of her head, all she could think about was what would Lauren and Jezica really think about Axel Black?

“I’m curious,” she admitted shyly. “But for now, let’s just enjoy each other’s company.”

He smiled as if that was the best thing that she could ever suggest. “I know we haven’t known each other long and I know this time is hard, but I want you to know you may use my shoulder any time.”

“What if I don’t feel like crying?” she teased.

He chuckled. “Well, since my ear is close by I’ll let you borrow that as well.”

Colette smiled because she needed his humor right now and gratefully kissed him on the cheek. “I thought rich nice looking guys were supposed to be selfish and stuck up.”

“Maybe I haven’t realized that I am that guy yet, so don’t keep telling me I am.”

After the appetizer and wine arrived, he ordered them dinner. The conversation focused on personal things about him. She found out the things he liked. Mostly, she learned he was overly shy when it came to women. He often avoided topics that had to do with his looks, but she didn’t let this bother her.

Axel Black was too damn gorgeous to even care why he didn’t think very highly of his looks. Actually, this fact made her very comfortable around him because he was so honest in his emotions toward her.


An hour later, they were still there eating the best meal she had ever met, when the curtain opened. Stefanie expected the waiter to be coming to deliver the special surprise dessert Axel had just ordered.

To her disappointment and surprise, instead of the waiter standing there in the private booth, Nick Wright stood there with a “very glad to see you” smile on her lips.

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 18 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. it just keeps getting better and i am racking my brain trying to think what you will do next. is axel the mystery man or the college roommate? cant wait to find out

  2. ok Colette is a typo? and who the heck is Nick Wright with the smile on her face??? Did i miss a chapter 🙁

  3. Things are getting interesting… Nick Wright is Jezica’s husband. The two names for the leading lady was Colette or Stephanie, of course she picked Stephanie.

  4. I think Axel is both MYSTERY MAN & Nick’s college roommate. That’s why he’s showing up at the table. What would be FREAK-A-LEEK would be that Nick & Axel play SWITCHEROO as the MYSTERY MAN!

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