La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 2.2 #WIP wc 3601

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La Revanche des Trois is a novel intent on giving you sensual noir.

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3 Friends and one finds herself extremely unhappy as she realizes her friends are using her.

Yet revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be when she falls for her friend’s boyfriend and then ruins another marriage.

Chapter 2.2

“But you’re scared, aren’t you Stefanie?” Treasure asked. “You’re tired of being used and you’re tired of not getting anything from your encounters with men. What if I could change that? With no strings attached.”

“And you know someone who wants the same?”

Hesitantly, Treasure said, “I do, but… he has particular taste and conditions.”

“What are you trying to involve me in?”

“Can you trust me?”

Without hesitation , Stefanie knew she could because even though she had known Treasure for a short period, the woman had been the first friend that had never led her wrong or lied to her. “Yes, I can, Treasure, but I am worried.”

“If I tell you that you won’t be hurt, will you believe me?”

“Yes, Treasure.”

“Good. Can you be ready in an hour and a half?”

“So soon?!” she asked exasperated.

“He’s been waiting for a while and I’ve been warming you up once I knew you two would be perfect together.”

“You are rushing things.”

“No, I’m not, but like I said, he has particular tastes.”

“Meaning?” Stefanie asked warily.

“He’s shy.”

“This is crazy. I have somewhere to be tonight.”



“You’ll be done by that time.”

“I’m feeling panic.”

“You’re just nervous. You go to the St. Royal Hotel. I’ll leave a note at the desk for you.”

A hotel room in the mid-afternoon? The opportunity of no strings attach encounter with a man. “What’s to happen?”

“What you want,” Treasure said obviously. “There’s someone out there who wants you, but he just doesn’t know yet.”

“This is crazy.”

“I’m in the business of finding people for other people – unlike my cousins, my clients are people who need each other. Let me try at least once. That’s all I ask.” Treasure said solidly. “You’ll see I’m not wrong and for one night you’ll get everything you want.”

Stefanie didn’t believe she would get everything, but she was curious enough and in the right situation mentally to really want to see what pleasure she could possibly derive from a complete stranger.

“So you’ll go?” Treasure asked to confirm.

 La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 2.2 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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  2. I am really enjoying the story so far, but this chapter is just too short.

    1. I’m making them about 1600 words minimum, chapter wise, but breaking them up a 900 to 100 words at a time so you at least get two post a day. … there’s a weird meaning to my madness! LOL

  3. I am really glad to see you back writing a live story, I am so excited. I just know if its a Heart he would rock her world, lol. She won’t know if she was coming or going.

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