Hope is Love Chapter 23.2 Live Work in Progress (#amwriting)

I know right… finally!!

Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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10 thoughts on “Hope is Love Chapter 23.2 Live Work in Progress (#amwriting)

  1. It seems like something is missing…like a whole chapter? We went from James and Hope at the house with James teaching Hope how to
    “reciprocate” to them in the truck…this story is confusing me more and more each time I read a chapter, I have never experienced so much frustration from a fiction story as I have with this one. I love the story, but the delays and confusion are extremely frustrating. I can only hope at this point that Hope/Jona will come out a winner in all this…or my faith in
    “happily ever after”…in romance novels will be destroyed! Pleaaaase let Hope and James have one!!

    1. yes, i jumped from the bedroom to the truck because good lawd that was enough sex for even me. now if you want details, i’ll make an addendum later. LOL, but for now, that’s where they are.

      sorry for the frustration and i’m still a romantic, it just takes a lot for my characters to get to their happily ever after.

      Let’s be a little realistic, who’s happily ever after ever came easy like the fairy tales.?

  2. Juanita, I understand your frustration. I’m still waiting for the rest of “The Other Side of Love” to be posted. Sylvia, thanks for clearing that up. Good update. Keep it coming.

  3. Darn! Why does Jona have to be scared of Monica. Can she get a back bone in the next chapter! Great Post!

  4. Why is Jona scared of Monica?! Take that cow down by telling the truth about her!

  5. I am roofing for Jona but sometimes she gets on my nerves. I understand why she wants to live on the street instead living mainstream of life. What I don’t understand why she does not want a better life. Jona state she does not want to fight especially evil. But isn’t that what she do everyday she is living on the street. She have to fight for food clothes her safety and place to stay. At least with education and James help she would have a better life. Plus she rich and she can still have DNA test on a close relative blood or hair to prove she is relative to her father people.

  6. I’d say yes it was more than enough sex, I was looking for the outcome to Monica’s treachery and hoping to see salvation for Hope and James, I just thought this story was being written as a novel considering the length and naturally thought the flow would be connected, my mistake. As for happily ever after it could be considered realistic to be forthcoming after more misery than happiness….I don’t know, it’s your story. But thanks for the update anyway. I must say I was shocked to see a link to the website in my inbox, I thought I’d unsubscribed. Best of luck with your continued success!

  7. I hear you Juanita I’m feeling desereted right about now. Ms. Sylvia is this story going to end up like so many others on the shelf. Waiting for what I I’m never quite sure. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the free stories but I think I’d rather wait for you to complete a book and just buy it the good old fashion way. I’m trying to hang in there as a Sylvia Hubbard fan but you are making it really hard. I feel like I’m in a bad relationship hot and cold, on and off again. Anybody else out there feel where I’m coming from?

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