Writing Wednesday: Question from writer – where do I go from here?

Writer’s Questions:

1.       I currently to religious genre, writing for a newspaper and several publishers.  I’d like to take the articles I’ve written and somehow compile them in a book or an inspirational calendar?  Any thoughts on the best way to do that?

That is doable. I would suggest you read other authors who have also done the same such as dear abby and other journalist.

It really all depends on how the articles are and how long they are. Plus you have to decide will you have a running theme throughout the book or several sectors throughout the book. Since I’m not sure what style you’re going to pick, I can’t really say how to it can be done.

Calendars  aren’t really that popular except at the end or beginning of the year.

2.       I need to know more about tweeting; I have an account but what do I do with it? How can it benefit me as a writer?

What to Tweet About


I also wrote an article about what i tweet about as well


3.       Ebooks. Since the written media is changing daily and library after library are closing down, I thought about ebooks for two reasons: 1. I want to write short stories, 250 pgs less 2. They cost seems to be different than paper books.  What are your thoughts about ebooks? How would I get to a place to write one? Any suggestions?

I have a workshop coming up about that:


4.       Are there any other Internet options you’d suggest I look into to take my writing to that new level?  I’m over 50 and don’t want to be stuck at the typewriter age.

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