Hope is Love Chapter 21.1 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

Those that know me, know I’m not a one timer.

(Probably why i can’t get a man, huh?… Yeah, TMI too early in the morning.)

So if you know me, you know I wouldn’t let James go without getting his soon.

Unfortunately, since my love scenes are just a paragraph long like some authors and I’m just a little more detailed, I tend to take long in describing what’s going on.

Hence, the time it’s taken to do another post.

Love scenes aren’t easy to write. If any writer says they are, then they aren’t giving you that 3D experience that I demand.

With that, here’s part 2 of Jona and James day…. ha ha. SPOILER ALERT: I don’t suggest reading at work because there may be some sweating involved.

Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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8 thoughts on “Hope is Love Chapter 21.1 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

  1. I wished Hope would told on that viper Monica. I wish she wouldn’t run away.

  2. Whew, I just realized I wasnt breathing, on to the next section! 🙂

  3. I probably shouldn’t have read this at work. I will listen next time. LOL good scene.

  4. WOW THAT WAS HAWT!!!!!!!! please oh please let hope tell james the truth or at least let him figure it out by himself and still not be mad at her so he can save the day PPPLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!

  5. That was HOT! James is on FIRE! But I can see why Jona is scared. She has been through alot with being rape and everything.

  6. OMG!!!!! That was truly one of the hottest chapters I have ever read. I hope that Jona let’s James show her what he can do. I bet she’ll have second thoughts about leaving if James puts it on her.

  7. I really want Hope to tell James and everything work out, but from reading every single one of your other novels. I know better. That would be way to simple…and you don’t do simple. LOL

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