Sixty~Nine is Hot Pynk

Hot Pynk
Sixty~Nine starts out on New Years Eve, where 3 friends are celebrating the birthdays of Magnolia and Darla. They are all born in 1969 and hitting the big 40. The 3rd friend, divorcee` Rebe is too on Valentines Day. Friends for 20 years, they hit Miami Beach. They challenge each other to do something they have always wanted to do, but never had the nerve. Darla a widow wants to open a sexy lingerie store, Rebe wants to be a exotic dancer and Magnolia wants to explore online sex.Rebe meets a guy and starts her new adventure that very same night.

Rebe; A former NFL player’s wife, makes it rain
Magnolia; bank vice president divorced and becomes Tasty Tangie
Darla; has only had one man in her life and he died on top of her.

The 3 ladies have some serious baggage and secrets that the others don’t know, including an affair and pregnancy by one of the BFF’s man.

Sixty~Nine was a great story. Pynk’s ability to pull you into the minds and psyche of these characters is amazing. The way she wrote it, you can almost hear her voice weaving this hot and sexy not so tall tale.
This book is Hot Pynk, 5 Stars