Hope Is Love – Chapter 17.2 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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15 thoughts on “Hope Is Love – Chapter 17.2 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

  1. aw poor thing having a panic attack. i wish she knew she can trust nicole but she’ll soon figure that out hopefully. what a sweetie cleo is!! i know shes going to make hopes spa experience delightful. when james sees her hes gonna prolly pass out lol! i hope she can also tell him about the ring as well. wonderful update sylvia more please!!!

  2. This is great…Hope is going to get her spa treatment. Hmm I have a feeling that James and Jaelen aren’t going to become the best of friends anytime soon, but they are going to come to an understanding and maybe some trust may be established. Hope tell James about the ring before Ethan and the rest of them find out and start thinking the worst of you.

    Hope and James need more time together, cause I’m ready for Monica to go down lol. Please can we have another update.

  3. Great update, Sylvie, I can’t wait for her reveal!!! Im anticipating a Charisse moment!

  4. Great updates!! I was suspicous of Monica before the reveal! I think Jaelen is also involved in the attempted murder of James. I’m looking forward to the next chapters. Keep it coming, Sylvia!!

    1. i’m gonna reveal right now. the only thing Jaelen wants to do to James is make his life miserable, but even if James hadn’t lost his memory he’d want to make his life miserable.

      I personally think Jaelen was put on this earth to make anyone and everyone’s life miserable. His mouth gets him in more trouble.

  5. I hope Jona gets to that ticket in her coat in time for James to get his ring back. I also, hope he likes the out come of her spa treatment. I hope that when she tells James about Monica that she goes to jail along with her husband because I think he’s the shooter.

  6. I just wish that James would just puch Jaelen in the face for making his life a living hell. He is just the worst instigator there could possibly be. For him to notice his ring missing, he really must have been checking him out. I hope that Jona gets to tell James about Chelsea/Monica before something happens. Hope the spa treatment goes well with Jona too.

  7. I can’t wait for Jona to spill the beans. Jaelen has always been an a**hole. He get’s on my nerves!

  8. I for one love Jaelan. I love his cold hard personaity. He only love his family the rest of the people can kiss his ass. I like that about him. I don’t care for King Heart but I like his attutude. i love Lethal and lust over Mandigo. I want him bad. Sweet heros don’t do it for only the bad ones. I love when writers pair a bad ass hero with sweet strong heroine. Hope please tell James about the ring and about Monica/Chelsea before its too late.

  9. Is Jaelen the same Jaelen from “Stealing Innocence I”?
    Given; James was a snake in “A Love Like This”, but if he wants to be a better man, hopefully he’ll get the chance, Hope will tell him where the ring is and expose Monica’s involvement in his attempted murder….

  10. If Ethan or Onyx find the ring in the pawn shop ,James may lose his trust in Hope. She’ll probably go back out in the streets, that could put her in danger because I think that Monica knows Hope knows something and I also believes she’s jealous of Hope.

  11. It is sad but I believe that ring will just for a short time, will come between James and Jana with everybody giving there points on what should be done about Jana in James life.

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