Writing Wednesday: New Upcoming Work In Progress… The Trouble W/Gabrielle

The title is tentative title for the book, but I did fall in love with Gabrielle as soon as I met her and I hope you will too…

Alone… Pregnant… And About to Be Murdered…

A one night stand a mysterious man and four months later Gabrielle Payne is unhoused and pregnant.

When things are at the worst, she finds out her mysterious man, Oliver Farnsworth, was murdered and very wealthy with no heir to claim the fortune his mother left him.

Gabrielle decides to reveal her secret and ask for just “a little help.” She is taken in by Oliver’s step mother, Nareen McGee.

The old house of Oliver Farnsworth is larger than any place she’s ever been, but she starts to see things are not what they seem. And she starts to find out several things in the two short weeks that she stays there:

  • Oliver Farnsworth was murdered by poison, but his murderer was never found.
  • He has a twin brother, who lives outside of the state and is on the outs with his family.
  • The step mother is greedy and is lying about how happy she is about the Gabrielle’s pregnancy.

and lastly….

  • The step mother plans to kill her to gain the fortune Oliver Farnsworth left.

With no place to go, what’s a woman to do?

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5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: New Upcoming Work In Progress… The Trouble W/Gabrielle

  1. Hell yeah I want to read this story. It has everything I want murder, mayhem ,pregnancy heroine, cold hard villian, twin brother, and hopefully its interracial. I like the title.

  2. This sounds like something i would like to read, i hope it will be an interracial love story, with all the suspense and cliffhanging only you can do. looking forward to reading it.

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