Hope is Love – Chapter 6.2 | Live Story In Progress |

With complaints about how short everything is, I decided to boggle you with this today. Hopefully I can get done one more piece as I frustrate myself inside of Hope’s brain.

Hope is Love – Chapter 6.2 – Work in Progress – Live Story Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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his part of the story is no longer available in this blog post.  THIS post was kept to keep the story’s comment from the original live story. To purchase your copy in ebook or paperback, please go to:



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4 thoughts on “Hope is Love – Chapter 6.2 | Live Story In Progress |

  1. Hope needs to relax!…Is it just me or did you feel sorry for the people on the bus having to smell that coat on a hot bus! 🙂

    Keep it coming Sylvia, this is shaping up to be my fave story yet!

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