Hope is Love – Chapter 4.2

Hope is Love – Chapter 4.1 – Work in Progress – Live Story Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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12 thoughts on “Hope is Love – Chapter 4.2

  1. ok i cheated. i read this chapter first now i am going to read the beginning of the book so that i know what is going on. i like what i have read so far. this is different for. y always start the stories off with the girl being hurt from a long lost love or something. being homeless and beautiful – wow, what a combo!!!

  2. He is tall. I like that…sexy. Hope has some chemistry and electric background education. Hope has skills. I wander if it good idea for James and Hope to go to the police.

  3. I’m enjoying this story a lot. I’m hooked again, dammit!! Please finish this story. (I’m still waiting for the end of “The Other Side of Love.”

  4. weekends are usually a break, so if you’re refreshing to see what’s next Monday most likely unless i get into the mood with this snow all around.

  5. Hi Sylvia, I like how the story line is picking up in this chapter (4.2). But as your new best friend, you should really send me the next chapter before you post. I just can’t stand all the suspense!!!

    1. vali, you got me giggling over here. I just finished typing up chapter 5. i might be nice and post tonight since some of you don’t watch the superbowl, but i really wouldn’t want to take away your fun, for those who do watch the superbowl

  6. I’ll be glad when he sees a doctor and his memory comes back.

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