Surpassed my Ebook Goals 4month of Jan | New books on Kindle & Nook | Get yrs & Share!

I try to make a goal every month to sell so many books. With the economy changing, bills getting higher and kids getting bigger, I have to keep a budget on book selling and you readers have made it possible.

I owe my success to you all and I want to just say I really appreciate you and I wanted to give you a treat this month.

Hope is Love is more or less a sequel to Love Like This and I know you’ll enjoy James as he finds out he can’t have every woman he wants once he meets Jona.

My readers are constantly emailing me asking me to make books more and more available on various devices and I want to give you the books you desire, but it is a slowly and steady process.

….. read on…

Recently I found out that there were more books added on Kindle and the Nook, plus more readers.

On (click to my bookstore there), Love Like This and Diamond in The rough.

On Nook (click to my bookstore there), the following books have made it over to the Nook.

  • Silent Lynx: Heart of Detroit Series
  • Diamond In The rough
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Love like This
  • BabyDoll: Heart of Detroit
  • Forbidden Fruit: If I Were Your Woman

These books are all available for various prices and stock up on yours.

Hopefully in the upcoming month, there will be more to come in the Nook and Amazon stores, like:

Currently, these books are available on various downloads at my Smashwords store. I’ll keep you informed when they are finally added and of course, there will be more new stories to come!

Happy reading…

Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard