Reader Comment: First Chapter makes you want to read more! Thumbs up!

You know I just love to read readers comments and reviews on my stories.

I’m very honored and enamored when I gulp every word with my eyes.

I feel blessed that I can indulge someone’s mind just as much as I indulge myself. LOL.

I think when they gave me the advice write what you want to read, I actually took it to heart because I write stories that I would love to read.

To know others are just as intrigued at what I want to read, I find it strange and always a surprise.

I hope in 2011 to share more stories and more readers comments:


Love all your books, their first chapters captivates till you want to finish all. This what writers should think of. Thumbs up to you Sylvia. Great work. Still waiting for emperor’s addiction

As for Emperor’s Addiction, it’s completed and waiting for a publisher to pick it up. Got one? I need one! Thanks for the shout out Reader and I crave for more!

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