The Dreaded Author’s Note on Diamond In The Rough

I have three words for you: done, done and doner!

guess who’s doing the happy dance over here in Motown.

I mean literally doing a happy dance that she got done with the story in one sitting.

Now why I called this the dreaded author’s note if you’re new to the game of live blogging with Sylvia Hubbard, usually a note from the author seventy-five percent into the story is usually bad news for you as the reader.

But the good news first…

I’m DONE!!!

Oh my goodness. No break ins. No family catastrophes. No annoying guys calling my phone asking me after nine pm how sexy they think I am. (Oh gawd).

I kicked the kid (the 9 yr old) out of my room, sat on my uncomfortable bed with the little netbook, listened to my phone personal playlist and shot out the story in an evening.


It feels overwhelmingly awesome

Now for the bad news…

I’m not releasing this baby til after Wednesday.

I typed it on a blank file and have to transfer it to the whole file secondary file and then transfer that secondary file to the original file which could be on any number of flash drives.

My brain is shot right now and I don’t feel like doing a durn thing.

But it’s done and I’ll have it available for download on the site after Thursday.

Yah me!!

And yes this baby is free, but as always I ask for a small donation for my time and just because  but you decide. I’m just happy it’s all done.