Happy Anniversary SylviaHubbard.com

This is just a small note to myself (and my website) to wish me Happy Anniversary.

This website on WordPress is 3 years old and really it looks great. In the past month, we’ve reached our 10,000 visitors and it’s going faster and faster as I start to point more and more people to come straight here. (Homestead keeps stealing my traffic.)

I’m enjoying the way I have built a wonderful content management system for my readers, fan, followers and friends to keep up with what is going on in The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

You can check out my first post by go to:


Thank you all for all your visits and please make sure you’re sharing me all over your social networks.

The more you share, the more I can write!

You can also use the comments to express what you would like more of…

Milestones since this blog have been numerous and I have to say without this CMS I probably wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I have done.

Currently, the biggest one is the download version of Love Like This. I’ve made my free story available on numerous platforms and to date, it has received over 11,000 downloads. Beating my initial free download of Stealing Innocence.

I’ve gotten mixed reviews on the book, but 90%of readers really enjoy the book and want more from me, hence they search for me often.

(another reason why I love WordPress because of the stat options that let you look into who searches you and how your website was found in the searches.)

I think with the popularity of the epub format, it’s made Love Like This a novel that readers are really enjoying. Now I’m going to focus on mobile applications for this story and see how far we can take that.

Especially since i plan to take His Substitute Wife… My Sister to paperback personally and see where that takes me.

Wish me luck as the editor digs down into a story so full of subplot it took a wall size piece of paper for me to keep up.

thanks for coming, visiting, commenting & sharing !!!

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary SylviaHubbard.com

  1. Congratulations!! Love your stories and tell as many people as I can about your site. I know you will definitely be getting your big break. Peace and blessings and many more milestones to celebrate in the future.

  2. aww thanks. and special thanks go out to @Ldotmarie on twitter for wishing me happy anniversay too.

    thanks for sharing sta! I need all the help I can get.

    when i reach NY times Bestseller, I’m going to have a party like Oprah and give stuff away!

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