Diamond In the Rough – Part 30

Diamond In The Rough

Part 30  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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Angered, Rob started to charge at Nick ready to do some serious physical damage to him, but Diamond jumped in his way and placed her hands on his chest looking up in his face.

“Don’t,” she said with a whispered plea in her voice.

The demons in his brain screamed at him to punch the fuck out of Nick, but her touch… warm against his skin, made is heartbeat surge and blood rush hard through every part of his body clouding out what he wanted to think. There was a power she was developing over him.

Calming down, he turned away to push away the desire to kiss her.

Rob knew Nick had tried to pick a fight on purpose and he was glad Diamond had stopped him because Rob was not sure if he would have been able to stop himself. There was no doubt in his mind that his anger was hereditary from his father and Rob never denied the truth that he could kill someone with his bare hands if he wanted to.

“Maybe you should be on your way, ma’am,” Nick suggested. “And my advice would be to keep your distance away from him as far as possible if you value your life and your sanity. He’s been known to drive people to insanity.”

“I didn’t ask your advice,” Diamond snapped.

Turning around to face both of them, Rob gave Diamond an assuring wink. “I think my probation officer and I have things to speak about, Diamond. I’m sorry about dinner. Can I call you later?”

Diamond looked a bit hesitant but only for a moment before she nodded and gathered her coat and purse. Briefly she looked back at him as she was walking out the door.

Rob gave Nick his full attention once they were alone.

“Did you fuck her?” Nick demanded to know.

“What I do that’s not a crime is none of your damn business!” Rob sneered.

“You know that’s a fucking lie. All I have to do is tell a judge what I suspect and whether she says you raped her or not, you’ll be sitting, eating fucking baloney sandwiches by the end of the fucking night. So answer my motherfucking questions, right now with a straightforward honest ass answer, Rob.”

“Yes Dammit and I didn’t hurt her like that other bitch said I did, now would you get off my fucking case?!”

“I’ll get off when you’re not on probation anymore. I’m warning you now, Rob. Stay the fuck away from her. She’s trouble and you’ll be digging yourself deeper in trouble if you decide to keep going around her.”

“I can handle myself.”

“I’m sure you’ve said that before.”

“I’m not my father, Nick. I’ll never be him.”

“But you fail to understand that you have him inside of you, Rob and a woman like that is not someone you can handle.”

“Or I’m not worthy to be around?”

“That too.”

Rob sat down on the couch. “You made your point. Are you here to arrest me or take me down for questioning.”

“Just give me your word you’ll keep your nose clean, Rob.”

“Of course. No doubt.” Rob was glad he hadn’t been asked to promise to stay away from Diamond.

Nick took a deep breath as if he had conquered Mount Everett in a single bound. “I am on your side, Rob. I just don’t want to see you behind bars again. You’re almost there and I would sure hate to see you fuck everything up.”

“Or make a liar out of you, right? You wouldn’t want anyone to know you’ve failed like everyone said you would with me right.”

Nick narrowed his eyes only, but Rob didn’t need the bastard to admit the truth because he already knew it. Nick had essentially put his ass and mouth on the line and hated to lose. “

“Just keep your nose clean,” Nick said calming down a little.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Nick went to the door. “I’ll see you next week.”

“Yeah.” Rob was just biding his time waiting for Nick to get out of there.

Nick looked back warily as if he wanted to say something else, but then finally walked out and closed the door behind him.

Going to the window, Rob patiently waited until Nick got into the car and drove off. Moving away from the window, he determined if he wrapped up the food and got over to her home, they could still enjoy dinner.

He decided first to jump in the shower.


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  1. That’s the way to handle it BIG ROB!!!! I like the fact that he isn’t running scared just because Nick told him to stay away from Diamond. Too bad he couldn’t punch Nick in the face just for being a total ass in front of Diamond. But hey, it wouldn’t be a story if he did that and ended back up in jail for assaulting his P.O.

  2. Nick should have been punched in the MOUTH, he didn’t have to do all of that – glad Diamond didn’t flinch and run like Nick seem to think by saying all of that about Rob.

  3. Also glad he gonna try to finish having dinner and not let a day pass before they discuss what Nick was saying……

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