Diamond In The Rough – Part 26

Diamond In The Rough

Part 26  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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The kiss he bestowed upon her in that instance was deliberately long and slow. Whether it was to calm her down or heat her up, either way she found her body fully responding to him. He began to ignite her passion different like kindle to flames. The more he kissed her the more she wanted him and Diamond’s body felt light as air, but heavy with lust.

She gripped her knees closer to him and tried to use her body to show her need, since he refused to release her arms.

His other hand was still down between his leg and lying flat on her back she couldn’t see his width at all, plus he kept kissing her to distract her from her visual curiosity of how he looked down there.

He’d manage to get the condom on ad she knew this when his other arm came up to her head with the empty package which he quickly flicked across the room and then she felt the tip of him pressing against her entrance. So ready to feel him inside of her, she was oblivious slightly to the worried look on his face; until she became aware he was still just at the tip of her.

Yet that wasn’t what made her freeze up completely and force herself to look down at him

What she thought she saw she couldn’t believe because unless humans were now capable of growing a third leg, that’s exactly what her eyes thought they were looking at.

“Fuck!” she hissed as she felt him easily push another inch in.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked concerned.

“Only my arms,” she said.

He released them immediately. “That’s it.”

With determination, she tightened her legs around his waist and moved several more inches into him. He groaned because although she was tight, her body seemed ready to take on the challenge of feeling him deep into her.

“Don’t stop,” she begged.

He clutched her buttocks in each hand as she leaned back and brought her with him. Resting his rear on his heels, he easily moved her into a sitting positing in his lap and this gave her even more inches onto him.

They were both panting and she loved the mutually controlling position. With gravity, his hands and her thighs, they started a gentle motion bringing him even deeper into her.

Their eyes were locked, obviously to the world around them as they released their success.

“W-Wait,” he said worriedly, holding her from moving further.

Even looking down there was still about five inches her body had not covered.

“N-no one’s been this far,” he strained, barely was able to talk while another layer of sweat broke out all over his body.

She nibbled on his neck, gyrating her body since he would not let he push more onto him.

“Diamond,” he said still worried. “Don’t.”

“Please,” she whispered in his ear before attacking the lobe with her tongue. “Please Rob. You won’t.”

She wasn’t sure if she was in pain or pleasure. Everything felt so damn good. He began to gyrate with her, moving in a sexual tango, rubbing his large body against the most sensitive area. The double culmination made her whole body vibrate against his. Her weight and movement slid her body fully down on his, touching places on his shaft that had never been touched before.

He couldn’t hold himself back anymore overwhelmed by knowing his body was ready and loving every second of the pleasure he was giving her.

Diamond felt him spasm so hard, he rocked her pelvic up and she had to hold on to stay with him as he continuously bucked into her body more severe than the prior stroke.

He cursed and thanked her at the same time and then

He cursed and thanked her at the same time all the while rubbing her back and being careful not to lay his entire weight on top of her.

She was endeared by his tenderness considering that could likely be a cold blooded killer.

That idea made her shiver and become excited at the same time. He had his own weakness and either it was her or sex. Diamond wasn’t about to build machinations on what could possibly be. She was a different kind of woman – a realist when it came to sex and most times guys wanted to be with her because they wanted something from her and it wasn’t just her body.

Yet, Rob barely knew about her true value and that made this moment even more special for Diamond but not something she should involve emotion into.

“Take a deep breath,” he softly whispered.

Frowning, she asked, “Why?”

He grinded hard against her still expose clitoris making her gasped. At the same moment she took the deep, he withdrew from her producing a yelp as she released the breath.

“You could have … warned me,” she grumbled feeling her body tremble some more as she became used to a whole lot of him not being there.

“It would have taken much longer and aroused me some more,” he said with a wink and a kiss to her forehead as he quickly cleaned himself up grabbing a napkin from the table.

The food had been forgotten completely due to their hunger in other parts of their body.

Even now, she only adjusted her clothes and stretched out on the floor like a sated cat content for now and he moved beside her again lying on his side using his hand to hold himself up as he propped on his elbow.

She could look up at him and she smiled.

“What is that for?” he asked rubbing her bottom lip.

“What? My smile?” she questioned.

He nodded.

“It’s a long time coming, Rob. You just satisfied a two year drought.”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”  He asked worriedly.

“No, although I might feel something in the morning and wonder why I can’t walk straight.”

The worried frown increased.

She tenderly rubbed his brow to make the frown go away. “Stop that. I’m a big girl and I’m feeling really good right now. Are you going to tell me why or who made you worried?”

“Do you really want to know?”

She nodded. “You might as well tell me now while I’m feeling so good.”
“I was charged with raping someone.”





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  1. Oh!!!! That was definitely a good chapter. Surprised by the end. Never would have imagined this man (who really put it on Diamond) was charged with that crime. Can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂

  2. OH,No! Who would do such a thing. Someone is really out to get him. That was a sweet love scene. He didn’t think Ms. Diamond can handle him but she did.

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