Diamond In The Rough – Part 11

Diamond In The Rough

Part 11  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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“Are you satisfied?” he growled between clenched teeth.

She only blushed her answer.

“Can I pull up my underwear?”

Reluctantly, she nodded

Once he did that, he asked still enraged, “Now could you point that damn gun somewhere else? Fuck!”
She moved the gun’s barrel to his chest and opened the paper stealing a glance at his crotch even though he was covered. Her eyes sparkled wickedly.

The library watermark was on  the paper and the entire screen had printed out.

“That’s fifty cents worth of information,” he said proudly. “And I can read just fine. I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree to prove it. I just can’t use the bitch because of my record.”

She looked a little amused and a little embarrassed. “Umm,” she said handing him back his pants and the paper after she lowered the gun. “Then I might owe you an apology.”


“Let me make it up to you and cook dinner. You can straighten yourself up while I change my clothes.” She put her gun back into her purse and started too walked out of the room.

Son of a bitch! She just endangered his life and she was walking away from him as if nothing had just happened.

Did she expect all to before given so easily?!

Still agitated, he asked as she was walking away, “I didn’t hear you say sorry. Aren’t you going to apologize for what you just did to me?” He’d only bothered to pull up his underwear. “You threatened my life! You were going to shoot me-“

She turned to him suddenly moved quickly into his body, flung her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Oh Damn!