Diamond in The Rough – Author’s Note 2Free Romance/Suspense Novel


I’ve been so fricking busy writing, I just had time to go through all the comments completely.

Now that I’ve downloaded my Nokia WordPress function to my phone, I should be able to do a lot more.

Well, so I should go thr0ugh this wild and wacky post to answer the majority of questions.

So here goes….

In the synopsis and various other posts readers ask about The Other Side of Love. It’s done and completed. Had  to get a new editor on it because the previous one had a serious family issue and this one is starting from the get go but just to get through the story and get it up. I want a semi-good edit on it so I won’t have to take it down and re-edit it later.

Just as promised, The Other Side of Love will be available for free.

Why free?

Because it introduces the Bellini Family almost completely and the plots to several other books to come.

Including Lethal’s story and in this one you really get to understand how evil Dalton is. I like that because when his story comes to light and yes, I’ve already picked out his girl, you’ll be drooling and anxious.

reader question: why are the post so short?

Originally this started as a cell phone novel. No more than about 1500 characters.

The length of each post will most likely frustrate you, but this is supposed to be a short story, and it will move fast as you can see.

On another note from me:

I’m very excited that I have had so many visitors to the site. Yesterday alone was400 and today looks like we’re going to double that. Wow! And Wow again.

I’m always amazed at how people enjoy my stories an how many people crave things to read while they’re at work.

SHHHHHhhhh, I won’t tell you’re supposed to be working and I’m honored you used your free time to spend some time with me.

Are there anymore questions?

6 thoughts on “Diamond in The Rough – Author’s Note 2Free Romance/Suspense Novel

  1. also… there are currently a little bit over 200 readers to the live story. (I guess everyone else is just dropping in to say hello).

    I’ve gotten seven new subscribers to the site and we definitely will surpass our count from yesterday.

  2. Ok, Sylvia, I won’t pickett outside your house now that I know that we will get the Other Side of Love soon, I cannot wait! I am looking forward to where this story is taking us, my head is spinning but in a good way! 🙂

  3. YES!!!! We will get the Other Side of Love finished. I am sitting on pins and needles with story. Rob and Diamond. What a pair these two are turning out to be. Can’t wait for the next posting and when The Other Side of Love will be finished. Good work Sylvia. I love your stories. 🙂

  4. Aww, thanks for not picketing.

    I would hate to get the restraining orders out on fans. That’s so time consuming. LOL.

    I’m pushing the editor to finish before Christmas like I said so everyone will blow up my website on Christmas Day and download the book

    Maybe even have it as a text file up at http://www.smashwords.com for free so you guys can pull it down from there on all mobile and e-readers.

  5. Thank you for answering all of our questions. I feel so much better. I can sleep at night now that I know Another Side of Love is coming. That’s a perfect Christoma gift. Welcome Back!!!!!!

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