Diamond In The Rough – Part 6

Diamond In The Rough

Part 6  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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Once he could see straight again, he went to a library and 
decided to use current technology to see what he could find on her. Putting her 
whole name on the Google Search bar, nothing came up except a company called Diamonds Exclusive, but 
it was out of New York.

 Rob decided to look for Michelle Peterson and a nearby
 address came up.


Quickly printing out all the information, he went to the 
address, which was five blocks away from him. The house was one of the large styled mansions that were in the Boston Edison District of Detroit. Back in the city’s heyday, the wealthy crowded over in this area in five to ten room homes. Some of them even possessed carriage houses for the servants or guests. Nowadays most of these homes had been turned into two or four family flats because no one family could afford to live in them anymore.


The house address he was going to still looked like a one family unit. The front looked like it had not been attended to in years properly, except cutting the grass and there was a large porch in the front. On both sides of the large home were vacant lots. Unlike other lots like this where homes used be the grass was six feet in height, these lots 
Were cut down.


Touching his stomach only a little worried of the repercussion if this was her, Rob knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. 
After the third knock and the fourth ringing of the doorbell, he decided to give up and call himself crazy.


What would be the purpose?


He certainly wasn’t going to cry over her crazy man attacking him. That’s just a punk move on his part, yet somehow he needed to warn her that this guy was causing trouble on her behalf. She didn’t look like the type who wanted trouble like that.


You of all people should know looks are always deceiving.


Pushing this thought to himself, he walked off the porch to head back to his car.


Maybe he was as crazy as his family thought him to be. This woman had him obsessed with her and he didn’t even know anything about her, except her name. Just as he was about to get into his car a beautiful black BMW that looked as if it had just rolled off the assembly line backed in the driveway. The windows were up and darkly tinted so all he could make out was a woman sitting inside alone.


He waited with baited breath as the driver’s door opened. A long slender leg came out of the car slowly in four inch Patton leather pumps. Its twin came beside the first as the woman stood out of the car dressed as if she had just stepped off of New York’s fashion week runway, complete with the large black sun hat atop her head and black gloves. The black dress fit like a glove on her full body and his eyes could barely tare away to look up at the face the hat had hidden when she’d first stepped out. 
Yet as his eyes rose to her face his mouth dropped open.


No words came out because for the second time in the day he was hit visually speechless by what he saw.


It was his Diamond!

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  1. WHOA I AM CONFUESED? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Need more I am hook now at this point I don’t care if it isn’t interracial. But I hope it is….please!!!!

  2. Ok. She is like rich but yet she is catching the bus? What’s up with that? Can’t wait to read the next posting.

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