Diamond In The Rough – Part 5

Diamond In The Rough

Part 5 (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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To his disappointment she wasn’t at the bus stop Monday morning. Maybe this was good for him because even he had started to worry about how much time his mind was giving to her. So much so, Nick had promised to make a midweek appointment when he called to check on him Sunday.



As he was getting out his car and looking forlorn down the street, the car with the large guy pulled up in front of his house.



Too shocked that this man knew where he lived, Rob was lost for words as the large man walked up to him.




Before words were said, the big guy punched Rob in the gut. Heaving over, ready to throw up from the blow, he dropped to his knees knowing his eyes were about to pop out of his face.




Looking up perplexed, the big guy rubbed his knuckles as if Rob had hurt him.




“You keep your ass away from Michelle. She was mine from the get go and I’m not going to let some dumb punk like you get in the way of getting her again. Next time you get in my way, you better hope I don’t have to come by here again or you’ll be real sorry.”




Rob was still on his knees as the guy got back in his car and drove away with a cynical smirk on his dark lips.




Punk Bitch!




Forcing himself to get up to his feet, he took several deep breaths to recover his equilibrium and wobbled into the house. His head was swirling.




A long drink of water helped, but he was still feeling dizzy. Lying down, he wondered who the hell this woman was. And why did the giant feel the need to protect her or get why there was a need to rip Rob wide open to make him stay away from her?


4 thoughts on “Diamond In The Rough – Part 5

  1. This story has the hairs on back of my neck standing up. Who is this Rob character? What does he look like…he is short? Does he has feminine charactistic? What is wrong with this dude?

  2. ok, rob has some kind of criminall background. why didn’t he see the punch coming. Also, he must be really short because he views the other guy as a giant.

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