Live Story Password starting July 1st | Other Side of Love

To make it easier for everyone to access the story, I’m just giving the password out.


If there’s any doubt about that, Most likely it will be in the tags for the post.

Here is the temporary cover:

(click on cover to find out more about the book and don’t forget what the password is. See above>)

Getting a little excited and nervous, but I know its going to turn out great, but I’m so expecting an explosion of readers.

Help! Spread the word!

5 thoughts on “Live Story Password starting July 1st | Other Side of Love

  1. Yayy!!! I am so excited. I can’t wait. I am waiting on the other books that you have so I can buy them. I am talking about the last two live stories.

    1. I’m working on that. I had to rewrite the last part of Mysterious and now I’m searching for the complete version that I hope I put on another flash for sin because everything was on the laptop that was stolen

  2. I am with Dolores doing a happy dance too. I cannot wait to get the book too. You know how I love your IR stories. They are a trip and best emotion rollercoast ride, I have ever read.

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