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Happy Read An E-Book Week!

We kicked things off with an interview with the founder of Read An E-Book Week, Rita Y. Toews earlier in the week, celebrated e-books on the Michigan Writers Network Show last night, and have been hearing from members regarding all the great finds around the internet.

For Read An E-Book Week, we put the call out and received quite a few responses from African-American Authors.  So, they’ve offered the books below (for a limited time) FREE OF CHARGE here on our site in honor of Read an E-Book Week and to help us kick off of our 8 Week E-Book Reading Challenge.
The authors will be joining us in the upcoming weeks for our popular Black Book Chats, so stay tuned for the official schedule.  *My apologies for the delay, but as a result of our email outages over the last week or so, we had to schedule posting the downloads later than initially planned.*

Note: By registering and downloading these e-books, you are acknowledging that you understand the books should not be sold, distributed or be posted elsewhere.