The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 52

Author’s Note: On the final of this chapter, I’m going to expunge more on the Paradise conversation,  but I’m feeling warm all over at this chapter.

I think Xavier’s going to be alright. I really do. I hope so, cause I need him in King’s Paradise. I’ll be pulling in Dwight Bowman as well.



“You’re alive,” Pari sounded serious surprised.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked.
“I should be asking the questions here,” Pari said suspiciously. “When King steps in town personally to kill someone, he never changes his mind.”
“He didn’t come to kill me.”
“Oh really? And what did you promise him?”
Jen knew she needed to speak faster because this whole thing could be misconstrued as true betrayal when Jen really had done something to help Pari out. “Let me explain.”
“What’s to explain, traitor?”
“Pari you should know-”
“I know a lot. I know you gave my ass up to save yourself.”
“Pari, It wasn’t like that-”
Pari cut her off. “How could you, Jen? How could you after all I’ve done for you?!” The hurt was deep in her voice.
“I didn’t.”
“LIAR!” Pari screamed on the other end of the phone. “Liar! Liar!”
The line disconnected and Jen called the number back. On her third time she went straight to voicemail. Most likely by the ned of the day, Paradise’s number would be null and void and Pari would be off the radar seriously.
Jen still felt she needed to personally help Paradise. When the voicemail came, Jen said, “Pari, please listen. I told him what he asked for you, but you must understand it was only to help you. It was only to stop you from running. I know you’re tired. I wanted you to live a normal life. You need to listen oto me when I ask you to call me back. I promise I saved you. He won’t hurt you. Please call me back.”
She didnt’ want to go into detail about what she had done over the voicemail, but she hope Paradise heard the message and called back.
Putting away the phone, Jen went over to the pack and removed the items from the envelope. The keys to Xavier’s vehicle were inside along with receipts of marriage. There was also contact information for Xavier’s lawyer along with a letter from King.
Taking a deep breath, Jen opened the letter and read the letter addressed to Xavier.
Dear X,
First off congrats. Whether you wanted this or not, you have someone who I’m assured will look out for your best interest. Keep her happy. Keep her safe. Don’t make me come to take care of you for hurting her.
Second, your lawyer will meet you in Detroit at the destination your wife has agreed to meet official.s. All should go well.Arrive on time, don’t be late exerting yourself.
Thirdly, if you’re wondering how was I able to come to Detroit without Lethal getting me. You should know, he’ll be coming to ou because I let the sword out of the bag. Along with Lethal’s secret, please do what you have to do to help her.
A promise is a promise. She did it for me and I must safely make sure she can get to where she need to be. And she can only do that in Detroit.
I know this is earlier than she wanted, but it was the only way to get Lethal out of Detroit.
Now the ad news, I am personally going to burn that house to the ground. Whether you hate me for it at the point, I could careless. I just felt obligated to let you know. When you return to Detroit you will have to find another place to stay.
If everything your wife has told me is the truth look for me in the upcoming months. Hell or high water I’m taking what’s mine and if it does mean a bullet between my eyes because that son of a bitch can’t take the fucking heat, so be it. I’ll take that bullet knowing I at least answered the mystery that haunted me for a long time.
The letter had not been signed with a full name – just a large beautiful K with a Heart hanging from the end.
She read the letter twice trying to commit everything to memory in case something happened.
Putting everything back in her pack, she went to take a shower. When she came out, the bed was empty and Xavier was sitting fully dressed at the table in the room, reading the letter from King.
Jen smiled fondly seeing him doing something so normal. It was nice to feel his presence around and know that he was there – really there.
“How do you feel?” she asked.
“Reborn,” he said putting the letter away and the envelope back in her pack. “Are you ready to go?”
“Let me wash my face and we’ll get on the road,” he said, standing up while stretching. “Can you put everything in the car and I’ll check out.” As he stood up and looked at her, she could tell he looked worried.
Walking up to him, she placed her hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes as if that was the key to his soul opening up and pouring out. He kissed her palm and held her closed. “I promise you everything’s going to be fine,” he whispered. “We’ll be fine together.”
“I know.”
“You’ll let me know when it’s too much.”
“I promise.”
“I’ll love you no matter what.”
“I’ve loved you no matter what.”
He made a funny growl, but she knew he wasn’t mad, that was his almost attempt to laugh.
Jen felt really warm all over.
“Are you scared?” he asked, tipping her chin so she looked up into his dark brown warm concerned eyes.
It was odd having a mixture of Xhan and Xavier at the same time out of bed, but Jen knew she’d have to get used to this.
“Of course,” she admitted. “But I love you. What about you?”
He started to brush his finger over her lip, but stopped himself questioning his movements. “I see everything. I remember everything and the only way I can feel as if things will be fine is that you are in my life. But I do not want you to feel obligated to stay until I am better.”
“I’m your wife,” she said proudly. “I want to stay and just be with you. Your sickness doesn’t keep me here and certainly not pity for you. My love for you – all of you, keeps me here.”
He pulled her closer until their bodies molded like one and she could rest her head on his shoulder. Tenderly, he kissed her forehead and said, “Thank you, Jen.”

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14 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 52

  1. I hope all works out for our couple. Nice to see that Xhan and Xavier can co-exist when they are with Jen. Can’t get over the fact that Pari is going to run again. Maybe she should get in touch with Jen and find out the reason she did what she did, but hey, if you have someone like King after you; then I wouldn’t want to hear it either. Can’t wait to read the ending Sylvia!!!! 🙂

  2. It’s nice to know that Xavier is back to normal. As for Pari, I am not really surprise at her reaction. I would feel betrayed too. What I really want, is for Pari to keep running, doing the whole cat-n-mouse thing until King catches up to her and closes in, then the fun and games will begin. Let her sufer! No, I didn’t say that. Damn Sylvia, you’ve created a monster!!!

  3. I am happy that Xhan and Xavier will co-exist instead ingrat their personaitly together. I hope all go well when they meet Xhan and Xavier psy doctor.

  4. I want to know what King has on Lethal. Will we find out in King’s Paradise or at the end of Mr Black?

  5. I agree with Cinquetta. Sylvia are u okay???? You’re definitely keeping your faithful viewers in suspense for the update.

  6. I am wondering if Sylvia has posted the ending on Facebook. I have been looking for it on this site as well as Facebook and haven’t seen it. Please Sylvia can you please post the ending to this wonderful story?!!!! 😦

  7. I believe this is the end of the story. Great job Sylvia. I am looking forward to reading “The Other Side of Love”, “Dark Facade” and “Tanner’s Devil” when they are available in Print. Keep up the good work.

  8. I can’t wait for it Sylvia. I have been checking Facebook like every few days to a week just looking for the posting. This is a good story for me to be reading at my dead end job of working the 3rd shift.

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