Where in the world am I? Update on LiveStory and Me.

The new year is falling on top of me like a brick house.

You’re mad and upset with myself.

I’ve actually handwritten all of the rest of the story and I’ve been carrying it around like a Linus blanket, trying to sit at my laptop at home so I can enter these letters into the computer.

Tonight I’ll be doing a run through my ebook teleseminar. If you want an update to sign up for this upcoming event, please go to:


The next part will be released early tomorrow morning.  And the last part of this story, will be release in the Facebook notes on The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard FanPage.

If you’ve made a donation to me, you will also receive updates straight away and maybe even earlier than everyone else.


By next week, The Mysterious Mr. Black will be done and then we’re off and running on the next one…

Cover Image

7 Days To Not Fall In Love


With her princess attitude in the ghetto of Detroit, Salina realizes in order to survive the mean streets of this urban jungle she’s going to have to fake her way out of there.

Along the way, she picks up a dangerous enemy, Levi Crawford, a malicious thug, hellbent on making her life miserable.

When she’s given the opportunity to become financially secure, she realizes only Levi can give her what she needs to achieve her goal.

“Seven days,” he promises her. “And you will never see me again.”

Gritting her teeth, the agony of his presence would be worth the reward.

This is going to be a different kind of thing.

Might even change the website for this one.

In a mood.

Talk To You Later.

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  1. I am excited! I can’t wait for you to finish Mr.Black and I am also excited about the new story. Great work.

  2. Sylvia, will you post here to let us know when to go over to your Facebook page so that we can read the ending?

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