This Is How I Do It- (How I Write and Focus As a Single Mother & Full Time Worker)

Jim Rohn: Hard Work Quote “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

And you wonder how i work…

I wonder how I work…

In order for me to have a good flow to my story, I (unlike other writers crave quietness) I need chaos.

I have Brian McKnight’s new CD Evolution of A Man playing lowly in the background.

I’m watching Season One Legend of The Seeker in a split screen.

And I’m typing up the story on the other screen.

So I took a picture of what I see. As you can see I have the phone close by (to the right) and then a bag on the floor to throw garbage in. (I take thought notes on sticky pads and throw them away if I’m all done.)

That little blue thing to the side of the screen on the left, lying on the table is the cap to my new flash – it holds the current stories.

We can’t forget about the work during the day time hours and the kids in the afternoon.

  • (8 yr old) Momma I’m hungry
  • (12 yr old) Momma, if I stand on one foot for an hour a day, will my other foot be more healthy and strong later in life?
  • (14 yr old) Momma, look at what i did to my nails. Momma look at what I did to my hair. Momma, look at this new outfit I picked out. Momma, can I have some money for more hair products. Momma, can I go this weekened to see my friends.

(As you can see the older ones more complicated than the younger ones.)

My mother promised me I would have ceaseless entertainment and lots of blessings with children. (I have the entertainment, but I’m still waiting for this blessings… oh wait, I’m breathing, right?)

Now you know. Now your curiosity is appeased.

I’m only on season one part seven of the seeker as we speak, but i have a long night ahead of me and I’m going to type away like a woman with fire on her fingers.

The Mysterious Mr. Black

I want to get this story, The Mysterious Mr. Black, done by the first week in December. Got to. Got to. Got to.

Wish me blessings.

One thought on “This Is How I Do It- (How I Write and Focus As a Single Mother & Full Time Worker)

  1. At least you have a clear goal in sight for when you want to finish your story, I have no clue when mine is gonna be done. Still got too much drama to cover. But that’s a’ight. It’ll be done when it’s done.

    Anyhoo, I love how you’re able to multi-task and work in the middle of chaos. Although I don’t need absolute quiet, I can’t tolerate too many voices in the background. It breaks my concentration. Music helps my flow. TV programs hinder it. People talking in the same room is fine, but they can’t be too loud. The phone is kept near, but during certain hours I don’t answer it at all. The people in my personal life know this, so if they call during those high productivity hours, they can’t be offended if they get the voicemail instead.

    No small kids to interrupt me, but 2 grown ones are just as bad sometimes, friends and relatives with their various issues and a frisky hubby also make getting my daily page count up a little more challenging. lol.

    I’d love to hear how other authors following your site write.

    P.S. Many blessings to you, Sylvia!

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