The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 33.1

on a roll. busy busy busy


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The Mysterious Mr. Black (Black Family Series)

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Dec. 17, 2012
Words: 98154 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Running from an abusive man into the arms of the dangerous mysterious stranger… what’s a woman to do?

Extended description

Jen is having a very bad life with nowhere to go but up. Fate brings a mysterious stranger to her, yet she can’t figure out if he’s for the good or the worse.

In one night of meeting The Mysterious Mr. Black, Jen finds her life turned upside down and she knows in order to solve the mysterious, she is going to have to go where no other woman has ever gone before, inside his head and his heart.

Will her journey to the truth, be worth the toil or will she end up dead?

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romance, erotic, erotica, thriller, love, suspense, drama, murder, mystery, african american, death, adult, contemporary, detroit, urban, noir, interracial, deceit, multiple personalities, sensual, abuse, sylvia hubbard, torture, heart of detroit, bwwm, womens erotica, deceptive, mental conditions

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10 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 33.1

  1. Work is the LAST thing Jen needs to be worried about right now. Sheesh! What is wrong with this lil girl’s thinking?! It’s time to LAY LOW, not punch a time clock. Aaugh!

    Thanks for keeping it good, Sylvia.

  2. Good post I hope all that excitement didn’t hurt the baby. I think Jen wants to see the Bossman that’s why work is on her mind. Hhhhhm work, that’s what she’s calling it lol

    1. Stasia, I think you’re right. I just hope Jen postpones getting a little nookie in order to stay alive. lol.

      1. i’m thinking that too.

        i mean i know Jen’s intentions but I keep myself in the dark and just let her tell me the story.

        Somethings happen

  3. I knew that was Blaque that was shooting. She’s the only one who does. My guess is Jen has Blaque and Onyx protecting her and she don’t even know it. I get a feeling that Slyvia is going to pair Lethal with Pari. That would be a good combination. What does everyone else think’s about that…lol. I am glad Jen has a friend in Pari.

  4. cant wait 4 another post,why do l geta feelin tht blaque is onyx twin coz she wears black juss lyk onyx ,wow tht wld b a good twist hey

  5. Wow!!!! What a post. Had to read to play catch up, but don’t you think that Jen is just crazy for even thinking about going back to work? Why did Blaque kill Jesse? For King or for herself and the information that Jesse probably knew about. Can’t wait for next posting.

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