New rating systems on & more updates, plus a big fav and Mr. Black requests

Hey Readers and Writers,

First I want to thank you all for visiting the site and enjoying the free reads.

Recently, I’ve made updates to various parts of the sites.

Yes, I’ve been a busy little bee and I would love love love if you could do me a big durn favor.

I’ve installed a rating meter on the site under various stories and I’d love if you dropped in clicked on some of the free stories available On The Site and then add a rating to them.

Also, if you haven’t taken the poll already, I’d appreciate if you could drop in on the recent reader update post and answer the polls listed there.

Reader Update – What’s to come for Sylvia Hubbard:Please open and read\

And finally in case you haven’t done so or you’re interested, please request a password for The Mysterious Mr. Black, but only if you’re interested in looking at AND will make comments as you read OFTEN. Otherwise, I’d prefer if you waited until the end when the book will be finished and ready for the entire perusal.  I moved the read online portion from the other blog because on this one I can keep better states, release the post the way I want it and do a lot more things regarding this as well.

(Suprina you’re excuse because I know you’re in the middle of your own WIP, LOL.)

5 thoughts on “New rating systems on & more updates, plus a big fav and Mr. Black requests

  1. Hi Slyvia,
    Found a link for the Mysterious Mr. Black at TST. I had a chance to read part one here and would love an opportunity to finish the story, and give your my thoughts on it.

  2. Please email me the password. I would love the chance to read this story. I enjoy the free reading!

  3. I really would love to have the pleasure of reading your live story. Can I please have the password.

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