LaBW Update: 6 Shortcuts to Happiness in A Relationship

I just saw a movie called Shortcut to Happiness with Alec Baldwin, Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I enjoyed it clearly as it was an up to date remake of The Devil and Daniel Webster.

Alec Baldwin’s character was a writing willing to sell his soul for success, but before the devil got into the thick of things, he was writing his best work. In the work, he realized one thing that he pointed out in the voice of the character: There Is No Shortcut to Happiness.

Anything that’s worth anything is worth the hard work it takes to obtain it. We all know nothing in life comes easy.

Unfortunately we all want simple and fast solutions to make our life easy.

I say all this to let you know that the title of this blog is just to get you into reading what I have to write. Amazingly, you’re still reading because you want to know will I offer what I’ve promised in the title.

I will.

I’ll even tell you I will make six ways to the shortcut. Six you say? Why not seven or five?

Don’t know.

Keep reading.