A little bit of sin Chapter 23.1

Wow, your responses are very passionate. I guess I’m doing pretty good.

@ Sup & Anon-E: thanks for liking the brogue. I have to keep hearing it over and over to make sure I’m not mixing it up with Europe English slang. And just to let you know, yes, Mark was already in Detroit. Good spot on Anon-E.
Eva D: The SHTF came to me when Colin was getting that money out the bank. I’m turning the cards around boys and girls. I know what you’re thinking is going to happen and I’m telling you right now, it ain’t happening.
Tori: yes, his reasons will come to light soon in the next book and shhhhh…. it has to do with
Dark Facade
Paula: Do you think she has a reason to be scared of Mookie calling? (if it really is Mookie?)
(Yes, I just asked a question to answer a question, but I’d loved to hear your thoughts on it.)



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5 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 23.1

  1. ok did i just read that right?? did you just mention dark facade? i swear i almost had a heart attack! mark is prolly part of that horrible society that desire black women…. makes sense…. and who is this kyle person and whats in nc??? estoy confudida chica!

  2. Sylvia, please don’t tease us with news of Dark Facade. You know we’ve been trying to get you to release that book since forever it seems. So if you ain’t gonna release it anytime soon, I’m gonna pretend I never saw that title in this post. lol.But…..If you are gonna release Dark Facade soon, please let me know when so I can shoot you some greenbacks and get my copy on lock.Suprina

  3. “Why are you so damn fascinating, Colin? And why the hell don’t you like me? I’m a nice person? And you can’t say we didn’t enjoy each other”see thats some stalker action / thinking right there if i ever saw it.

  4. I agree with both of you guys! Sylvia you should not tease us like that. I have been waiting patiently *sucking up* for dark facade. Is that what Mark’s vice is. That would explain a lot about him and why Colin is so freaked that he joined the KKK. I am going back to read dark facade and see if I missed any clues. Ok! Is Mookie, Allen’s nickname?If they are one in the same person does Synthia have anything to do with the reason he is in jail?How did she start her business?Does she oh Mookie/Allen some money?PS. Making Dark Facade your next story will be very appreciated. LOL

  5. I am with you Suprina. Dark Facade is one of my favorite story’s and Sylvia left us hanging. So I just act like it don’t exist. I don’t know who this Kyle person is but he is intriguing. I think he wants to marry Noel…lol

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