A little bit of sin Chapter 22.2

posted this before Chapter 23.1



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A litte bit of sin won’t hurt Chapter 22.2 (c) 2009. Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “A little bit of sin Chapter 22.2

  1. Ok I was first intrigued when you said Noel had blue eyes and that made me think of another book you wrote where the lady had blue eyes.. Dreams?? And isn’t fat cat in that same book?? Help me out.. I dont have my jump drive so I can’t go back to all your books and investigate!!!

  2. I think Noel is behind what’s going on with her sister. I don’t think Katrina had nothing to do with it. I think Allen is coming for Synthia because he robbed a bank and gave her the money. Synthia invested the money and that’s how she became so rich. I don’t think her job has anything to do with her being rich. That bank robbery did and she basically sold Allen out.

  3. tori, your comment is so deep i think i drowned. very interesting. but thats kind of weird because part of SYN ego is that shes a so-called self made woman

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