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A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 19.1

i miss my music 🙁

i lost my Zune 🙁 and i’m missing my music. This weekend I was on the way to a friend’s house to help her with her website. Anyhow, I was driving my sister’s car (because I haven’t gotten a car yet). Remember last story my car broke down . I was driving my sister’s car and the axel, tire rod and suspension BROKE in the middle of Woodward. If you know Detroit, you know Woodward is a very busy street and I was real shaken up. I’m figuring that woman knows it was going to break. It just broke on my watch. I used all my emergency cash on fixing her car, but I think when I stepped out of the car, shaking and hoping no one would hit me, the Zune must have fallen to the ground.

I am so mad a myself! But I was tramatized. I haven’t had a car mishap in so long, I didn’t know how to take this. Good thing I had AAA. They towed the car and my mechanic fixed it, but after all the trama, I started looking for my Zune and I couldn’t find it.
I have a feeling it was lying in the middle of the street until of course someone picked it up and took it!
I never appreciate my Zune when i had it enough.

My creativity actually feeds off of it and without it, I feel stuck.

I’m going to go crazy.

I can’t get another mp3 device until next check so i’m running pretty slow. i feel like i have something to do but i need caffine, but i can’t afford to get a cup of coffee.

I’ve been debating on just buying a cheaper version and using it until I can get my Zune back. I found an

MP3 on Amazon and I’m salivating right now just staring at it because I miss Brian McKnight in my head.

(paused tying here).

I just put it on my wishlist.

Feeling so sluggish.

But I’ll try to have another chapter tomorrow.

🙁 enjoy…


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