A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 19.1

i miss my music 🙁

i lost my Zune 🙁 and i’m missing my music. This weekend I was on the way to a friend’s house to help her with her website. www.legacynews.wordpress.com. Anyhow, I was driving my sister’s car (because I haven’t gotten a car yet). Remember last story my car broke down . I was driving my sister’s car and the axel, tire rod and suspension BROKE in the middle of Woodward. If you know Detroit, you know Woodward is a very busy street and I was real shaken up. I’m figuring that woman knows it was going to break. It just broke on my watch. I used all my emergency cash on fixing her car, but I think when I stepped out of the car, shaking and hoping no one would hit me, the Zune must have fallen to the ground.
I am so mad a myself! But I was tramatized. I haven’t had a car mishap in so long, I didn’t know how to take this. Good thing I had AAA. They towed the car and my mechanic fixed it, but after all the trama, I started looking for my Zune and I couldn’t find it.
I have a feeling it was lying in the middle of the street until of course someone picked it up and took it!
I never appreciate my Zune when i had it enough.

My creativity actually feeds off of it and without it, I feel stuck.

I’m going to go crazy.

I can’t get another mp3 device until next check so i’m running pretty slow. i feel like i have something to do but i need caffine, but i can’t afford to get a cup of coffee.

I’ve been debating on just buying a cheaper version and using it until I can get my Zune back. I found an MP3 on Amazon and I’m salivating right now just staring at it because I miss Brian McKnight in my head.

(paused tying here).

I just put it on my wishlist.

Feeling so sluggish.

But I’ll try to have another chapter tomorrow.

🙁 enjoy…


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A little bit of sin won’t hurt Chapter 19.1 (c) Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sin Chapter 19.1

  1. Hi Sylvia how is your dad doing. I’m guessing Colin did not commit murder but took the blame. I think the missing money is in Bernard name. Is Grace and Mark going to hook up. This is a great read. Thank you Sylvia for another great live story.

  2. Sylvia, your Da-Da is still on my prayer list.As for the story, I’m starting to wonder if the combination and location to the box where the money is, is on Colin’s literal back. You know, hidden within a tattoo on his back.*Shrugging*But then again, I might be reaching a bit with that theory. lol. What does everybody else think?

  3. If it’s not in Bernard’s name… maybe Frank realized the wrong he did and put the money in Trish’s name?? That’s just my fairy tale ending-self hoping but I bet you have something else up your sleeve. I’m sooo sorry to hear bout your Zune. Im feeling the same way, i lost my headphones 2 my LG phone and im going thru withdrawal cuz those thangs cost $30!! Im missin my soundtrack to my life! Hope you get another one soon! We dont want your writing/ creative flow to get messed up!! It would be funny if Mark and Grace both become attorneys representing themselves in their own case and finally meet and fall in love….

  4. Hey Sylvia,I like Suprina’s tattoo idea for right now. This story has me going. I love your live stories.Ljay

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