Email Marketing Tips

by Sylvia Hubbard

 QUESTION: How do I build my mailing list? Attract visitors to my site? And keep them coming back?
Basically I would say to build your mailing list start with actually networking on the Internet. If you are shy, become unshy about selling your book, but don’t just go around shouting I gotta book, buy it, buy it, buy it.
That would be considered rude and also sometimes it´s called spamming! Don’t do it because you’d be getting flame and you would gain a bad rep.
Join reader and writers groups, asked to be featured or post reviews you have received about your book. Ask readers to read an excerpt and comment on it and hold contests. That’s always a good one. Make them fun and imaginative and get readers talking about your book.
A blog is a great way to be able to attract readers to come and return and then invite more readers to “YOUR” forum or as some authors like to put, “their show.” You can do a lot from a blog. From just letting your readers get a glimpse of your book to reading a passage for them or even acting it out. You can provide information that your book topic touches on and find ways for them to learn more through you by coming back. To get a lot more traffic to a blog, you actually have to visit other blogs and post comments on there.
The more groups you join and interact with on the internet the more chances you have at catching readers and getting them to follow you back to your website and buying a book. Remember the Covey law, the purchaser must see the product at least seven times before finally buying it.
Other than the groups, you can interact with readers at places like and Yahoo 360. There are a lot of networking sites that you can visit and join. Keep track of them and your password and visit them often.
Don’t just join to get a page. Join with the intentions of actively going and visiting the other pages, commenting on blogs, pictures, the page itself and connecting other friends.
Once you have attracted your readers to your site, you want to keep them and have ways for them to sign up to give you their email address. Forms, newsletter sign up, and even sign ups for special free reads will give you a bevy of internet addresses that you can use for all your promotions.
We’re all six degrees of separation of people and three from our goals. The World Wide Web helps us get to them even faster. Use it wisely.